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Agar Agar Jelly in Eggshell Recipe









By Justina Lee


This agar jelly recipe brings back many nostalgic memories for me. During my time, it was very fashionable and a must have dessert at every kid's birthday party.


I remember my mother made brightly multicolored agar agar jellies in novelty shapes of little animals and flowers for my sixth birthday, and my younger brother would rush to gobble them up as soon as she took the agar agar jellies out from the refrigerator.


In today's dessert recipe, we are not going to use any fancy molds but instead, we will be using egg shells since Easter is just a days away.


Agar agar is actually the Malay name for jelly and it is also known as Kanten (Japanese), Agal-agal (Ceylon agar) and China grass. It is a gelatinous substance obtained from red algae or seaweed and can even be set without refrigeration. Agar agar is an easy to prepare, fuss free food item that can be made in a jiffy. If you have sugar, Agar agar strips and some attractive colourings, you have a dessert for dinner.


Eggshell Agar Jelly Recipe


You will need these ingredients to make 12 jellies
1 can halved peaches
12 whole eggshells (blown)
3 cups water

1 cup evaporated milk
2 cups sugar
1 packet agar agar strips, about 42½ grams or 1½ ounces
1 teaspoon vanilla essence


How to make agar jelly in eggshells

This step requires a bit of patience, you need to carefully knock a small opening on the egg shell and drain its content onto a bowl (you can use the eggs for Simnel Cake). Wash egg shells and leave to dry well.


Cut peaches into ¼ and shape each piece with a knife to resemble an egg yolk. Set aside.

Bring 3 cups of water to boil over moderate heat with evaporated milk, sugar, agar agar and vanilla essence. Stir thoroughly, make sure the Agar agar strips are completely dissolved.

Place the peach into each egg shell and pour the Agar agar mixture in, up to the top of egg shell. Allow to cool at room temperature and set. For a refreshing change, you can also chill them in the refrigerator.

To serve, crack the shell and cut into halves.

I am very sure that your kids will be thrilled to find these cute eggies on the Easter table...Enjoy!

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agar jelly eggshell recipe