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Baby Sock Rose Bouquet Instructions



By Holly Campbell

A baby sock bouquet makes an affordable yet stylish gift for a mom-to-be at her baby shower or for a new mom while she is still in the hospital. Baby sock roses are very pretty to look at, and it is one “flower” arrangement that is sure to delight every guest. It adds a spectacular and unique touch as a centerpiece at a baby shower, and everyone will be impressed by how real it looks!

These rose bouquets are fairly simple to make, but they need a good amount of time, especially if you’re planning on making a dozen. Each baby sock rose takes about 5-10 minutes to create. Once you get the hang of the steps, it should be easy to complete the “flower” bouquet.


You’ll need these materials for this baby shower craft idea:

vase or ribbon

baby’s breath


silk leaves

baby socks (colors of your choice; 6 pairs to make 12 flowers)

green floral wire

green floral tape

wire cutters


Instructions on How to Make Baby Sock Rose Flower

1. Lay one of the baby socks on a flat surface in front of you. Start at the toe of the sock and firmly roll upwards 3 times, slightly angle the toe of the sock upwards, toward the opening. Make sure not to roll too tight, and the roll should not be too big. Once you're done with that, about ¼ inch of the sock should remain flat.


2. Use one hand to hold the rolls in place, then take the opening of the sock with the other hand and begin to open the sock (inside out) over the rolls.


3. Now, your sock should resemble a rose bud. Some people like this look, if you want your flower to look more “blooming”, gently pull the rolls up and out.


4. Take your floral wire and cut a length of about 12-16 inches for each stem. It’s a good idea to take into consideration the height of your vase before you snip.


5. Insert the floral wire into the bottom opening of the baby sock rose. Push the wire up as far as it will go without pushing it out at the top. Be careful not to damage the sock.


6. Next, wrap your floral tape firmly around the base of the rose. Once you’ve wrapped the entire base, keep going downwards and wrap the floral wire (“stem”) as well. Slightly overlap the tape as you proceed.


7. When you reach the end, cut the floral  tape and leave about ¼ inch extra. Wrap it up the floral wire, overlapping the layer going downward.

Viola! You just made a sock rose flower! Continue making the roses until you get the desired number of stalks – even number so that mom can use the socks!


Now, let’s work on the presentation. You want to bring this baby shower craft idea to life. You can either tie the sock rose together with a pretty ribbon or arrange them in a vase.


If using a decorative ribbon, also include the greens and baby’s breath. Make sure to use the floral tape to bond baby sock roses, greens and baby's breath together before you tie with a ribbon.


If you decide to use a vase, put your sock roses in the vase first, and then add the greens and baby’s breath between the roses to complete the baby sock bouquet.  


If you used more than one color sock (for example, white and pink, or yellow and blue), scatter the colors around instead of bunching them together. This creates depth and balance in your baby sock rose bouquet.


how to make baby sock flowers

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