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Backache Pain Relief  – How to Treat  and Prevent  Backache


By Diane Hanson


Backache is one of the most common ailments. It is a discomfort in the area of lower back and the pain could be acute or chronic. Although back pain can affect a person at any age but it is commonly seen with people above 50 years of age. If you experience backache for more than couple of months, you should seek medical attention.

There are many causes of backache, the most common reason being poor posture. Poor posture results in straining of the joints and tension in the muscle of your back.

In addition, improper nutrition and lack of physical activity can also cause backache. Other less common causes are kidney illness, prostate disease, female reproductive disorders, arthritis as well as influenza.



Natural Home Remedies to Treat Backache

1. Garlic is a helpful home remedy to treat backache. Take 2 to 3 cloves of garlic and eat it every morning. The oil extracted from garlic can be used to massage the affected area.


To make this backache home remedy, fry 10 to 12 cloves in a little oil (sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard oil or any oil) over a slow flame, until the garlic browns a little.


Then strain the oil and let cool completely before you use. Deeply massage your back with the oil and leave on for about 3 to 4 hours before washing it off. Try to do this at least for 2 weeks as this is truly beneficial for any kind of back pain.




2. Another home remedy to treat backache is to use raw potato. Application of raw potato in the form of poultice helps treating severe pain in the lower back region or especially in the lumbar part of the back region.



3. Many backache sufferers found great relief by drinking glucose or honey in warm water early in the morning on an empty stomach.



4. Some of the naturopaths suggest that lemon is useful as home remedy to cure backache. The juice of one lemon mixed with common salt, taken twice a day for about a month may give great relief from back pain.



5. Vitamin C is helpful in treating backache. You should consume Vitamin C regularly, either through supplements or increase your intake of Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables such as orange, kiwi, cabbage, tomato, or cauliflower.



6. Heat packs are also great to relieve backache. You can have them as much as possible. You can also try other forms of heat therapy such as taking a hot bath or placing steamed towels over painful areas.



Along with the above home remedies, follow these tips to prevent backaches in the future.


1. Avoid long hours of physical stress that can put a strain on your back and cause back pain.



2. Also, do sit in any position for a long period. Stand up and move about every 30 minutes.



3. Use the correct technique to lift heavy objects and try to avoid wearing high heel shoes or foot wear.



4. And, if you are obese, try to reduce your weight. Obesity worsens a backache and causes unbearable back pain.


at home backache pain relief

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