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5 Best Baby Boy Gift Ideas


Hi Jaimee,

Finding gifts for babies can be really fun but yet mind-boggling. With hundreds of baby items available in stores and online, it's no wonder that you can't decide on the best baby gifts.

We ran a recent poll on our website, asking first-time moms whether they'd prefer to receive practical or luxury baby gifts. Most moms-to-be appreciate practical gifts that can help lower baby expenses and allow them to save for other costs. So for practical reasons, I suggest you opt for useful baby presents that will go a long way toward meeting the needs of a newborn. Here are some good value gifts for a baby boy that will create a lasting impression.


Practical Baby Gifts for Baby Boys

1. Picture Frames and Photo Albums

New parents love to take pictures of their newborn so an infant picture frame for the baby's nursery or the family living room is an ideal gift to capture beautiful lifetime memories.

Check out Images by Ellyn, which offers unique baby sonogram picture frames that are specially designed for a baby's first ultrasound "photo".



2. Cute Baby Blanket

Baby blankets, especially swaddle blankets are extremely useful to new mothers and come in handy on many occasions such as calming down a crying baby, soothing a baby to sleep, and also serve as a keepsake to pass on from generation to generation.

You can opt for personalized baby blanket with baby's names, birth date and a special message embroidered onto the blankie. Check out BabySlumber or Cozy Cocoon; both offer a wide selection of good quality swaddling blankets to fit all budgets and they ship worldwide.



3. Diapers

Most mothers say that diapering a newborn is one of the biggest baby expense so giving diapers is a great option. However, instead of giving several packages of baby diapers, why not get crazy and make a diaper cake (nappy cake)? Diaper cakes are a fun way to turn simple items into a creative and unique baby shower gift. There are tons of free baby diaper cake instructions/tutorials online.

Alternatively, you can make a homemade baby gift baskets (baby gift hamper). Purchase a blue baby bathtub from your local mall, and fill it with baby necessities such as a baby bath thermometer, newborn nail clippers, infant comb, and baby pacifier. You might also want to throw in a few baby boy toys – infant toys that emphasize different sounds ( rattling, crinkling, or jingling) and texture.

Complete your homemade baby gift basket with a cute royal blue polka dot satin ribbon and attach a gift tag. If you want, include a little surprise for the mom-to-be!



4. Baby Changing Mat

Another functional and useful baby gift that can personalized with baby photos or baby's hand prints and footprints. Baby changing mats are very affordable and they will easily last a long time.

Check out musical changing mats and fashionable changing mats with the sound effect feature in your local baby store.



5. Sock-Ons

This amazingly innovative product is fast becoming an essential baby item and they had great reviews from parents all over the world. Babies love to rub their feet together and kick their feet off socks fast. Sock-ons socks are designed to keep baby's socks on no matter how hard he tries to pull them off.  

Sock-ons come in many different interesting colors – baby blue, navy, orange, lime, lemon, turquoise, blueberry, grape, chocolate and charcoal – and are available at Creative Kidstuff. You can also purchase sock-ons online, including Amazon.





By Martha Sanders

My best friend is expecting her first baby in 5 months and everyone is really excited about the new baby boy! I've a few baby gift ideas in mind but still undecided over what to get for a newborn baby. I'd love to hear your suggestions. What are some ideas for baby shower gifts for first-time moms? I'm a college student with a limited budget so affordable baby presents that are really inexpensive would be perfect! – Jaimee, Minnesota.

best baby boy gift ideas

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