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5 Best Tips to Stop Eating Junk Food


Hi Yvette,

A lot of people seem to have same problem with eating too much fast food and junk food. Fortunately, you're better off than most because you don't eat junk food everyday and from what you've written, I don't think you've a serious fast food addiction yet. However, if you don't get rid of your poor eating habits and continue to consume junk food on a regular basis, your habitual junk food diet can bring on a host of different health problems, severely affecting your quality of life.

I understand your concern about fat around the abdominal area (commonly known as belly fat or love handles). This excess fat, which is called visceral or intra-abdominal fat, is not only physically unattractive but also extremely dangerous to your health. Research has shown that visceral abdominal fat is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Belly fat is mainly caused by a diet high in fat, particularly trans fats (think cookies, donuts, crackers and candy bars) and lack of exercise. People who lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume more calories than they expend tend to carry more weight around their midsection than their active peers.

I'm not saying that it's easy to give up junk food and fast food, but it can be done, if you've the right attitude and mindset towards healthy eating and take control of your relationship with food.

This list is by no means complete but by following these healthy eating tips, they'll help you do what's necessary to resist fast food cravings and stop eating so much junk food, and stick to your weight loss goals.


How to Get Rid of Fast Food Cravings and Avoid Eating Junk Food

1. Many of our readers agree that the best way to stop eating junk food is not to bring junk food home and remove whatever junk food that's already have in the house. If it's not near you, you won't eat it. Common sense, but worth a big mention.

Instead of high fat pizzas, burgers, and chips, load up on nutrient-packed fruits and veggies such as apples, pear, celery, and edamame beans, all of which give you the crunch and keep you away from the dangers of trans fats.



2. Next time you get a monstrous craving for a certain junk food, do something totally unrelated to food to distract your mind from your cravings. You can go for a walk, call a friend, take a shower, read a book, brush your teeth or drink a glass of water to curb your junk food cravings. Research indicates that cravings usually last about 5 minutes, so by the time you're done, the urge to stuff yourself silly on junk food would have gone away or subsided.

Water is extremely helpful when it comes to getting food cravings under control long term. Staying well-hydrated (drink at least 8-10 cups of water everyday) makes you feel full longer so you're not susceptible to snacking on unhealthy food. Drink only water, not soda, fruits drinks or any sweetened beverages. Empty calories from these drinks can really add up quick and make you gain weight if you're not careful.



3. Eating a balanced breakfast that's rich in protein along with some healthy fats can help reduce food cravings and prevents overeating according to a University of Missouri researcher. In addition, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers found that eating a high protein breakfast reduces the brain signals controlling food motivation and reward-driven eating behavior.

High protein breakfast foods such as egg white omelet, turkey bacon with multigrain toast, or a whole wheat roll with a glass of low fat soy milk will help you stave off snack attacks so you're less likely to give in to any junk food temptations later in the day.



4. To give up fast food for good, you need to have a good solid reason to motivate yourself to kick the unhealthy eating habit. Perhaps you want to get your body beach-ready and look super hot in that tiny red bikini, or maybe you want to cut out junk food because you're trying to get pregnant.

Write your goal down on a piece of paper and look at it every single day. This will act as a constant reminder of why you want to make yourself stop eating junk food for good.

Also, be honest and ask yourself these questions – do you eat junk food when you're alone, bored or stressed out? Stress is often a huge trigger for junk food cravings, so learning to manage stress could greatly reduce unwanted calories and shave inches off your waist.

I suggest you keep a daily journal to monitor your eating habits – record down what you ate and when you are most vulnerable to snack – and make healthy changes.



5. If you still can't say no to junk food, then at least try to reduce the size and frequency of junk food intake. For example, if you eat fast food twice a week, then cut down to once a week or once every 2 weeks.

Not all fast food is created equal especially in terms of their fat and calorie content. You want to pick lower-calorie items that won't sabotage your waistline. If you crave for Arby's Roast Beef Sub, opt for a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo) instead. Order a salad dressing on the side rather than fattening fast food side dishes such as french fries, chicken nuggets, or breaded shrimp. Also, avoid "super size" items.

Eating fast food or junk food occasionally in controlled moderation won't hurt much and it can actually help you avoid future overeating or binge eating episodes.





By Diane Hanson

I really need some help on how to stop eating junk food for good. I eat a fairly healthy balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables Monday through Friday, but when weekend comes, hell break loose. All I want to eat is junk food and fast food even though I am not hungry. And, no matter how much I tell myself to control my junk food cravings and focus on eating healthy food, I am unable to resist the temptation to indulge in fatty food items. I am not overweight but I look fat with the extra layer of fat around my stomach that came from eating too much fast food at night and too little exercise. I would like to know what is the best way to make yourself stop eating junk food? Thank you. – Yvette, Montana.

how to stop myself from eating junk food

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