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Body Language During a Job Interview




By Lornie Kass


When you are at an interview, you may not be aware of this but your interviewer is observing your body language, very carefully.


Your body language says a lot about yourself, so you need to control negative body movements and encourage positive body movements and habits. Humans naturally send and receive nonverbal communication. We have been doing so since the beginning of time.


When your girlfriend folds her arms but has a smile on her face, are you not wondering what she upset is about or clammed up for?


At an interview, you never want your body language to contradict your words and betray you, this makes you appear like a liar. The first impression, or the first few minutes of your interview are the most lasting. Therefore, you should make the best impression possible.


The Handshake: your hands should be clean and well manicured, and free of perspiration. You want to allow the interviewer to initiate the handshake, which should match the interviewer in firmness, do not give a firmer handshake than them.


Smile at the interviewer and look them in the eyes. It should last between two to five seconds. When leaving the interview, the handshake may last longer, smile and lean forward as you shake.

Here are a few things you will want to avoid at an interview

Clasping your hands behind your head

Adjusting your tie constantly

Slouching in your chair

Pulling your collar away

Picking at your face or outfit

Tight smiles or tension in face

Little eye contact

Wrinkling your eyebrows

Rapidly nodding your head

Any nervous tics

Crossing your ankles (means withholding information)

Crossing your legs away from the interviewer (towards is accepted)

Crossing one ankle over the other knee

Crossing your interviewers personal space

Avoid grinning idiotically

Gnawing on one’s lips absentmindedly

“Faking” a cough during a tough question

Folding or crossing your arms

Avoid compulsive jabbing the floor or desk with your foot

Loud, obnoxious laughter


Never underestimate the importance of body language in a job interview. Use the correct body language techniques to successfully communicate with your interviewer.







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