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By Tiffany Moore


Which woman wouldn’t want to have beautiful full breasts? A pair of firm, reasonably sized breasts can do wonders for a woman’s femininity and self-esteem. However, most of us are not blessed with naturally big perky boobs.


The size and shape of breasts may fluctuate and are largely dependable on several things such as hormonal changes during menstruation and pregnancy, your diet and weight. Plus some other factors which we have absolute no control over, like genes, age and gravity. In addition, systemic diseases can affect a number of organs and tissue, leading to a condition called breast hypoplasia, which is the medical term for underdeveloped small breasts.


While some women are brave enough to go under the knife for an instant boost, others including myself would very prefer the modest (and needless to say, pain-free) measures to enhance our less-than-ample bustline – breast massage.



There are so many reasons to do a self breast massage for bigger fuller breasts. First, this brilliantly simple breast enhancement method is totally surgery-free so there’s no worries about silicone implant ruptures. And second, it doesn’t cost  a penny to rejuvenate a droopy bustline by firming and toning breasts using your hands. Third, self breast massage takes no more than a couple of minutes per day and can be performed with ease in the privacy of your own home.



Before I go on to show you how to do a breast massage, it’s good to know that a breast cream or breast serum containing a blend of herbs and oil notably, saw palmetto, fenugreek, wild yam, and fennel is highly recommended. Argon oil, jojoba oil and olive oil are also great options. You can also use sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or avocado oil to massage your breasts.


I would also encourage you to consume an estrogen-rich diet consisting of flax seeds and soy products such as tofu, tempeh, miso and edamane. Red clover, dong quai and Siberian rhubarb root extract are good examples of herbs rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogen acts like estrogen, a female hormone not only necessary to regulate menstruation but also needed to promote breast tissue growth.


Better yet, eat ample amounts of papaya because the fruit is widely known in many parts of Asia to naturally enlarge breasts, thanks to its papaya enzymes. These enzymes help stimulate the release of certain female hormones, encouraging breast growth.


When blended with milk and served up as a smoothie, green papaya can magically make small breasts grow bigger in size. It is best to use soy milk as it contains high levels of phytoestrogens, which have a significant impact on breast enhancement.


With that being said, it’s also important to know what causes breasts to go south so that you can keep your bust in good shape. We all know that age can make breasts lose their natural support and sag. But believe it or not, strenuous exercises like running and jogging as well as other high-impact activities that cause your assets to bounce, are also to be blamed. This is because they stretch ligaments and connective tissue in the breast, and even more so if you are not wearing a proper sports bra that provides good support.


The other often overlooked culprit that causes saggy breasts and nipples is smoking. According to the Mayo Clinic, smoking cigarettes reduces the protein elastin that gives skin its elasticity and contribute to breast ptosis, a medical term for drooping breast tissue.


While self breast massage can increase your chest size, it can take some time to see results. If you are not a particularly patient person and expect instant results on everything, maybe you want to consider getting an injectable Macrolane™ breast filler treatment. Not only does it give you a fuller cleavage and more shapely boobs safely, it also involves no surgery, leaves no scars and the most attractive thing is, no significant downtime. That means, you can have it done during lunchtime, go right  back to work and resume your normal activities immediately after this painless less-than-an-hour breast enhancement treatment.


The cost of Macrolane breast fillers is largely dependent on how much is injected and generally speaking, they don’t come cheap. You should also know that your body will gradually dissolve marcrolane over time (around 12-18 months) so you need a top up every year to maintain cup size and youthful fullness of your newly-enhanced alluring assets. Why not book a free consultation at a clinic near you for an in-depth discussion? If you are concerned about high costs, I strongly suggest you check out non-surgical laser breast lift.



How to Self Massage Breasts to Make Them Bigger

Basically there are 4 simple steps in self breast massage and remember, massage your breasts at least once, if not twice daily.



Breast Massage Step 1:

Starting with your nipple, push down gently towards the tummy using your 3 long fingers. Be careful not to apply too great pressure but do it lightly so as to achieve beautiful breasts.




Breast Massage Step 2:

If you are going a breast cream or breast firming serum, apply it lightly around the breasts and then massage as if you are kneading a dough. Again, avoid too much pressure and if it hurts, stop.


Next, with both hands, hold one breast so as to cup out the breast and continue with the kneading motion for some time. It is believed that this step in breast massage helps maintain beautiful breast shape and enhance breast size. Once you are done with one breast, repeat this breast massage step with the other breast.




Breast Massage Step 3:

The next step in breast massage is performed by holding your breast in the same manner described in Breast Massage Step 2 but this time, instead of squeezing your breast, first perform a twisting motion clockwise as far as your breast can do and then twist the breast in an anticlockwise direction. Remember to continue for a few times on each breast.




Breast Massage Step 4:

To finish breast massage, place both open palms face down on your breasts in such a way that they don't cover the nipple area. Next, move downwards and let fingers rub gently against the side of the breast being careful not to rub your nipples or it will spoil nipple shape. Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes.





Although breast massage cannot magically transform your breast size from an A cup to C cup in a wink of eye, you will be pleasantly surprised with the difference self breast massage can make.








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