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10 Canned Baked Beans Ideas that Kids and Adults Love



By Kate Miller

I grew up eating lots of baked beans and really love them. My mother always made baked beans for the whole family and they were the best baked beans ever. Low in fat and rich in fiber, baked beans offer natural dietary goodness for growing kids – from toddlers to teens. And, because they keep the body satisfied for a longer period, that means your kids are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Baked beans on toast are one way of eating baked beans, but there are many creative ideas to entice your kids to eat baked beans. Here are some of our family's favorite ways of eating canned baked beans:


Ways to Eat Baked Beans

1. Serve scrambled egg with baked beans with a few slices of whole grain toasts.


2. Baked a sweet potato (opened up) and top with baked beans and cheddar cheese.


3. Serve baked beans in a tortilla wrap with guacamole.


4. Add a can of baked beans to spaghetti bolognese.


5. Add a little sizzle – some chiles, chilli powder, cumin or curry powder – to a can of baked beans, and have them with a baked potato or rice.


6. Mash together cooked rice, baked beans, chopped onions and celery. Form the mixture into veggie burgers and brown them in a nonstick pan. You can also broil the burgers.


7. Baked beans and mashed potato. Add a little butter, salt, broccoli and milk to boiled potato and mash them. Scoop the mashed potato onto a plate and then pour baked beans over the potato.


8. Get some crackers, top with a slice of cheddar cheese and a spoonful of baked beans for a quick snack.


9. Toast a bagel, then top with baked beans and cheese. Broil under a grill and you'll get a delicious healthy mini pizza in minutes!


10. Spoon baked beans into quesadillas, onion or bell pepper cups and bake them in a covered gas grill over low, indirect heat.


Try some of these baked beans ideas today, I'm sure your whole family will ask for them time and again!


ideas to eat baked beans

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