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How to Get Cheap or Free Health Insurance for Pregnant Women


By George G.


On top of the frequent doctor visits and the drastic change in lifestyle throughout a span of nine months, pregnant women also need to worry about getting quality health insurance while pregnant.


Unfortunately, the current state of the economy has forced health insurance prices to rise, making life even more stressful for expecting mothers. What many are unaware of, however, is that the key to getting cheap health insurance is to buy it before you become pregnant.


If you and your significant other are planning on starting a family, start comparing health insurance quotes online today for the most affordable prices.


Did you know that about 13 percent of pregnant women each year are not insured? By not being properly covered, expecting mothers are putting themselves and their baby at risk of not receiving the necessary nutrients and vitamins, which could ultimately lead to complications in during the pregnancy.


If you are already pregnant and still have not obtained coverage, do not despair – there are other ways to obtain cheap health insurance when pregnant.



The following are 5 simple ways to get cheap or even free healthcare insurance when pregnant:


1. Take advantage of government-funded programs.

For mothers-to-be looking for health insurance while pregnant, the great thing about Medicaid, a government-sponsored program for low-income individuals and families, is that it does not disqualify applicants if they are already pregnant.


However if you are not eligible to receive Medicaid, it can still be a challenge to pay for all the prenatal visits and delivery. The estimated cost of delivery alone is $6,000 – $8,000 for a normal pregnancy, and the cost increases if it is a high risk pregnancy.



2. Inquire about WIC.

WIC is a federal agency that promotes the health of low-income women, infants and children under the age of 5. They can provide nutritious and supplement diets, information on healthy eating, and referrals to healthcare. To get more information, you can go to Women, Infants and Children.



3. Apply for Healthcare discount programs.

For moms who cannot find health insurance while pregnant, programs like Maternity Advantage and AmeriPlan can be just the thing they need because they help patients save up to 50-60 percent on healthcare services.

Maternity Advantage™ is a discount health program that can save you up to 60 percent on doctor’s visits, lab work, sonograms, your hospital stay, and much more.


Maternity Advantage is not insurance but it works with a National Preferred Provider Maternity Network. For a low monthly fee, Maternity Advantage can provide you with a comprehensive maternity plan. You can receive these benefits even after you have found out that you are pregnant.


AmeriPlan is a discount plan that is currently available in all states except Alaska. AmeriPlan saves people up to 50 percent and more on their health care services. Benefits include physician, hospital, and ancillary services (i.e., lab work, tests, x-rays).


Since AmeriPlan is not insurance, all pre-existing conditions are covered (except orthodontic treatment in progress), there are no deductibles, no waiting periods, no claim forms, and no annual limits.




4. Visit your state's health department.

Every state is different, and yours may offer its own health coverage program. See if your state offers individuals some kind of program or state health insurance when pregnant.




5. Join a group plan.

Typically, the plans with the most coverage and for the lowest rates are employer-sponsored group plan, so contact your employer or potential employers if they offer a group plan that includes maternity coverage.




Do not hesitate to seek professional help when looking for quality health insurance while pregnant. The Internet is a good place to start. It is full of endless possibilities and can make seeking health insurance fast and convenient.


Remember, an adequate amount of coverage can ensure your pregnancy goes well, so all expecting mothers should not hesitate to purchase health insurance when pregnant.



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