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How to Choose and Buy Mattress for Kids



By Martha Sanders

For most parents, choosing the best mattress for kids can be rather confusing since there are so many different types of mattresses available in the bedding department. Without a right mattress, sleeping could become a problem for your child. At a glance, kids mattresses may seem the same. However, there are few things you need to consider before you make the decision to purchase.


Kids Mattress Buying Guide

1. Growing widespread concern regarding the effects of potentially harmful chemicals.

As your kid may spend about ten to twelve hours a day sleeping on that mattress for many years, it is best you avoid heavily-treated mattresses containing polyurethane foam, Eco-foam (which is mostly polyurethane foam), vinyl (PVC), phthalates, chemical fire retardants or barriers and industrial chemicals. Many chemicals may release gases from the mattress and be inhaled by your kid.


2. Mattresses that are made with organic and non-toxic materials are best for kids. A good choice is a mattress made with organic cotton or organic wool fabrics and filling. Kids are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals so care should be taken to limit their exposure.

Remember that not all organic mattresses are alike. For instance, “natural latex” or “coir” may actually be allergenic for your kid. Look for a mattress that has earned the recommendation or certification of a reputable organization (for example, GREENGUARD or “Healthy Child Healthy World”).

Avoid vinyl, nylon, polyurethane. Ask for FDA food-grade polyethylene, the safest way to waterproof and dust mite proof a mattress.

In addition, you would want to purchase a firm and dark-colored mattress. A firm mattress provides a child with proper support for their growing bodies while dark color will hide stains and accidents.


3. Of course, price is also a deciding factor. A cheap mattress would mean that your kid could end up losing sleep when the springs start to poke through or when the mattress starts to sag.

And, you would not want to pay a lot for a kid's mattress since you would probably change it in a couple of years. Make sure to do a research and focus on the materials used.


4. It is not a good idea to get used a hand me down mattress. The reason is very simple. If the mattress is no longer comfortable for an older sibling, it is not going to be good enough for a young child too.


5. Always buy a mattress with an extended warranty. Kids often jump on their beds, and this may cause damage.


To extend the life of your new mattress, be sure to:

Turn the mattress regularly.

Put a padded mattress topper on it to reduce wear on the mattress.

Use a breathable mattress protector to keep mattress dry as well as free of dust and sweat.

Change the sheets regularly and vacuum the mattress.



Remember, a good comfortable mattress enables your kid to sleep more peacefully and this in turn help him or her to be attentive during the day. So, shop around and pick the best children mattress available within your budget.



kids mattress buying guide

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