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How to Choose the Right Laundry Detergent



By Louisa Price

With so many different types and brands of laundry detergent available in the stores today, it is indeed difficult to decide which is the best to use for cleaning clothes – liquid detergent or powdered detergent? To answer that question, the most important thing is to know how you do the laundry and the types of dirty clothes you are cleaning.


If you wash your laundry in cold water, a liquid detergent is a good choice. Liquid detergents are easier to measure, dissolve faster and easily in water.


Although powdered laundry detergents are usually less expensive than liquid detergents, the powder does not dissolve quickly enough when running a cold-water load. In such a case, it leaves streaks of white power across dark-colored clothing.


A liquid detergent is good to treat oily or deep stains on clothes while powered detergents are suitable to wash out loose dirt.


Look for a detergent that will not cause any skin irritations. If you have babies or family members who are sensitive or allergic to odors, dyes or fragrances, then choose a hypoallergenic laundry detergent.


Switching detergents can be a tricky business, so watch to see if any one has a reaction. Keep in mind that using too much detergent can also lead to a reaction, so be sure to check that you have used enough water to dilute the detergent.


Also check your washing machine manual guide to see if there is a recommendation on a specific type of detergent to use. High suds detergents produce lots of lather while low suds detergents produce less foam levels, which are not harmful for your washing machine.


Cheap laundry detergent may be tempting, especially if you want to save some money but be aware that low priced laundry detergent does not necessarily mean best value for money.


With incredibly cheap detergents, the amount needed per load may be high as they usually do not clean as effectively as the pricey branded ones. It is money smart to compare the cost and amount needed per load to get an idea of the actual cost. It may not turn out to be a bargain after all.


Finding the best laundry detergent is easy if you read the label carefully, test it on your older clothing, and watch out for allergic reaction.



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