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Allergic Reactions to Rings – Cure Wedding Band Dermatitis


By Diane Hanson

Wearing wedding rings may sometimes cause irritation and allergic reactions in some people. The skin underneath the wedding band may become red, bumpy, and itchy. Wedding band dermatitis may happen the day after you first wear it, or a few years down the road.

Nickel is trace metal which is commonly used by jewelers to strengthen their products and problem would surface when you are allergic to it.

Also, wedding band dermatitis could arise from wearing wedding ring everyday for 24 hours throughout the years. The skin beneath the ring does not get to breathe.

Let's look at a few things that you can do to treat red, itchy bumps and prevent future allergic reactions when buying jewelry.



Wedding Ring Dermatitis Treatment

1. Remove your wedding band and wash your hands thoroughly, particularly between each finger, using a gentle cleanser.

Then wash your ring well under running water to remove all trapped lotion, soap and sweat. Do not use soap since it will dull diamonds and other precious stones.

Keep your ring off for a few days to see if your skin clears up.

Avoid scratching the itchy dermatitis or you will make it worse. If you really cannot resist, apply a mild topical steroid. However, be aware that steroids are known to thin the skin when used continuously.

If this solves your problem, try wearing the ring again. But remember to remove it periodically and when you sleep to allow your skin to breathe.




2. If the red irritation did not heal, it is very likely that you are allergic to one of the metals (nickel, palladium etc) in the band. In such a case, you might want to paint the inside of the ring with a thin coat of clear nail polish and allow to dry completely before wearing the ring again.

Alternatively, consult an allergist and get tested to verify you are allergic to the metal in your wedding ring. Then, visit a jeweler and have your ring plated.




3. If despite all the precautionary measures, you still develop allergies, it might be a good idea not to wear the wedding ring or opt for a wedding band that is skin-friendly.

Look for rings that are marked hypo-allergenic. Titanium, 24K gold or 950 Platinum is recommended.


wedding band dermatitis cure

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