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7 Tips to Declutter Bathroom Fast



By Louisa Price


For the record, I’m a neat person but my husband wasn’t when we first got married. He could ignore mess and clutter our small bathroom with his stuff. I had to declutter and organize the bathroom in a few session but the effort was well worth it. If you find that your bathroom gets cluttered with things overflowing to the sink area, use these tips to tackle this dreadful chore once and for all!


Ways to Organize Bathroom

1. Go through every cabinet and drawer, and toss out any old grooming supplies – lotion, makeup, soap, shampoo, body wash, sunscreen, etc.

Here’s one easy tip to track down how long you’ve had a product. Write down the date when you first open it with a permanent marker on the bottom of the item, and bin them once they’re past the expiration date.  

As a general rule of thumb, mascara should be replaced every few months to prevent eye infections, and fragrances should be thrown if you notice a different scent (sour). You don’t want them to take up valuable space in your bathroom.



2. Properly dispose any unused or expired medicines. Flushing medications down the toilet is not the proper way of disposing of them. These medications are not filtered out by our water treatment plants and can be pumped back into our lakes and streams.

Check with your local pharmacy or hospital to see if they accept expired medications for safe and proper disposal. And, always make sure you remove any labels with your personal information on them.

If a drug take-back program is unavailable, remove the medicine from their original containers, and mix them with something undesirable, such as used coffee grounds or cat litter. That way, they’re less appealing to young children and pets.

Also, keep all drugs and medical supplies out of kids’ reach at all time, in a lockable medicine cabinet or first aid box.



3. Another great way to declutter bathroom counter is to use a vanity caddy or a spice cabinet to keep small trial size toiletries and cosmetics that you collected or received from hotels, resorts, etc.

If you organize all small items together in one place, it makes things a lot easier – just grab what you need when packing for a trip.



4. Rolling shelves or pull-out baskets that can hide in the cabinets under the sink are really useful if you need extra storage space in the bathroom.

If you don’t have cabinets under your sink, make use of wicker baskets to hold and organize items such as extra toilet paper, shampoo, liquid soap or hair-styling aids.



5. Hang a shower caddy over the shower head to organize shampoos, conditioners, loofahs, soaps, and shower gels, which may otherwise clutter up the shower floor or topple over and spill out.



6. Installing towel rails and racks on wall to put rolled towels and washcloths is also good way to unclutter bathroom instantly. A heated towel rail is great on a chilly morning and as a added benefit, it also helps towels dry faster and reduces damp, musty smells.

Place hooks on the back of bathroom doors to hang shower cap, towels, gowns etc.



7. My last but most important tip when it comes to organizing your private sanctuary is be neat and put things back to where they belong. It makes no sense to declutter the bathroom and clutter it with stuff again.



A clean and clutter free bathroom will look bigger, and also helps you save oodles of time in the morning. So, make time to declutter bathroom this weekend!



declutter bathroom fast

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