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Exercise Ideas for Overweight People


By Peter Reyes


Exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight naturally. However, for some people, particularly the overweight or obese, exercise is not an easy thing to do.


Carrying too much weight can make workouts challenging. Many big people have bad knees or are unable to bend or move in the same way that other people can, so exercises like running and step aerobics are out. They also avoid the gym as they fear looking fat and silly working out in front of others.


If you are a plus-sized individual, you should not feel self-conscious, but instead motivate yourself to lose weight. To help you begin an exercise program, here are a few safe workout ideas for obese and overweight people.




Sit Down Exercises for Less Stress and Pain

Sit down exercises are low impact workouts and great for big people with balance issues. Sit on a chair, and perform a variety of arm raises and leg lifts, inner thigh squeezes and abdominal rotations.

Do these gentle seated exercises about 10-15 minutes daily. They help build basic muscle strength necessary for future workouts.




Water Exercise for Endurance and Strength

Swimming as well as pool fitness is one of the best recommended exercises for overweight or obese people since there is much less load on the joints and bones when you are in water. That means chances of injury and serious strain are greatly reduced.

You can also perform a variety of pool exercises such as jumping, arm swishes, leg lifts and kicks while in the water.




Walking for Fitness

Walking is the easiest and simplest exercise for the obese or severely overweight. The only equipment you need is a pair of high quality walking shoes with good shock absorbing qualities.


Find a place to walk, it can be a nearby park, a local high school track  a mall or any place where you are comfortable without feeling too conscious about your size. Start with 10 minutes a day, and slowly increase by 5 minutes each day. Walk about 3-5 times a week for best results.


If you find yourself gasping for air, you are working too hard. Reduce your duration, speed, distance, or take breaks. Also remember to drink plenty of water. Overweight and obese people tend to sweat more so you need to drink up frequently.  




In addition to the above, gentle exercises like taichi and yoga are also recommended for overweight people. And if you’re a slightly overweight person, try hula hooping at home. It’s a fabulous way to increase flexibility and tone your stomach while you’re having oodles of fun.


Always consult your physician before you begin an exercise program for the first time. And, make sure you start at a slow and moderate pace, and then gradually increase the pace and intensity of the workout.



More importantly, don’t be embarrassed about your size. Take pride in your efforts to exercise and focus on the health benefits that will come with your new active lifestyle. Good luck!


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