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Homemade Mold and Mildew Cleaners



By Louisa Price

Nobody can tolerate mold in their home. It is not only disgusting and dirty, but also a health hazard. Many mold and mildew removers on the market have chemicals in them. Bleach, for example, is a strong corrosive that can burn the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. You can avoid toxic chemicals and still get a squeaky clean home with homemade natural cleaning products. They kill mold and mildew just as well, and help you keep your home environment safe.



Vinegar Mold Cleaner
The acetic acid in vinegar
kills mold and mildew, and also inhibits the growth of future mold and mildew. Saturate a sponge with full strength vinegar, and scrub the moldy area. Rinse well. You can also pour the vinegar into a spray bottle, and spray on the moldy area. Let it sit without rinsing. The strong vinegar odor will dissipate in a couple of hours.



Grapefruit Seed Extract Mold Remover
If you cannot put up with the smell of vinegar, make a spray for killing mold with grapefruit seed extract. It is odorless. Combine 20 drops grapefruit seed extract (more or less, depending on the mold infestation) with 2 cups water in a plastic spray bottle. Shake well, and spray on moldy areas. Do not rinse; let it stay in place and continue to do its cleaning work.




Tea Tree Mold Killer
This is by far the best
homemade mold and mildew remover. Tea tree oil is a potent antiseptic; it kills bacteria, fungus, and other harmful microorganisms. I have used it successfully to clean a moldy ceiling from a leaking roof, mold under a carpet and a moldy shower curtain.


Although tea tree oil may cost more, a little goes a very long way. Combine 2 teaspoons tea tree oil with 2 cups water in a plastic spray bottle. Shake well, and spray on surfaces such as ceilings, shower curtains etc. Do not rinse. This homemade anti-mold spray works well on mildew and gets rid of mustiness. And, the tea tree oil smell dissipates in a few days.




Household mold can be dangerous to your health if neglected. To prevent mold, clean with any of these homemade mold and mildew removers regularly. Wipe up spills immediately. In addition, dry out anything that is damp, such as basements and carpets.





homemade mold mildew cleaners

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