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Homemade Mung Bean Scrub Face Mask for Acne Skin



By Tiffany Moore

You probably know how to make face scrubs using sugar and olive oil, but did you know that mung beans (also known as green beans) are super effective for clearing up blemishes on oily acne-prone skin? Whether you are looking to naturally heal acne scars, lighten hyperpigmentation on face, or simply want to exfoliate your skin for a bright and sparkly complexion, this homemade mung bean scrub recipe comes in perfect time.


What I really like about green mung beans is, their superb antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will not only tame acne eruptions but also help reduce pimple size fast. In fact, mung beans are often used in Asian cooking to make soups and desserts during hot summer months to expel excessive “body heat” which, according to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a contributing factor to acne problems. Plus, they can help with many other health problems, ranging from high blood pressure to water retention to insomnia.


Interestingly enough, research has shown that green beans actually work better than Vitamins C and E in improving a host of skin issues such as pigmentation, freckles as well as age spots. Both Vitamins are also well known in dermatology to magically erase fine lines and wrinkles, and keeping the skin firm and dewy.


The other delightful thing is mung beans are ludicrously cheap and can be found in the Asian aisle of your local grocery stores. I would definitely suggest buying organically grown varieties whenever possible to avoid pesticide residue.



How to Make Mung Bean Scrub

1. Pour a cup of mung beans into a blender. You  may want to double the amount, and use it for a facial (see below for homemade mung bean facial mask recipe). Cover the blender with its lid and make a fine powder.


2. Dampen a face cloth in warm sage tea or warm water with a 1-2 drops of essential oils such as lavender or rose. Lay the cloth over your face for 10-15 minutes to loosen dirt, grease, and debris on your oily skin. Remove cloth.


3. Scoop 1-2 tablespoons of the mung bean powder onto your palm and scrub it gently on your face to exfoliate.


4. Rinse off after 3 minutes of scrubbing.


You can also use the same method to treat back acne, breast acne, butt acne or acne on other parts of your body. Just within a few days, your skin condition improves greatly and the acne will clear up. You should see even better results with long-term use.




How to Make Mung Bean Anti-Blemish Face Mask

1. Simply combine one heaped teaspoon of green bean powder with about 2 teaspoons of natural yogurt. You can also mix it with a bit of unflavored cultured milk drink such as Vitagen or Yakult.


2. Mix together until you get a thick paste.


3. Apply on your clean face, and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes.


4. Rinse off with water, and then apply your favorite toner and moisturizer.


This homemade mung bean facial calms and soothes acne prone skin while preventing bacterial growth and maintaining the natural pH balance of your skin.



While we are on the subject of acne, let me also add a few words about things you do everyday that can actually cause painful pimple breakouts on face.


1. If you always get zits around your mouth or tiny pimple-like bumps on your cheeks, check the ingredient label on your makeup. Artificial color, most commonly as FD and C Colors, found in lipsticks and blushers can irritate skin and trigger acne eruptions.


In addition to that, isopropyl myristate which is a synthetic oil that gives cosmetic products a nice smooth and sleek texture can clog pores, resulting in blackheads and pimples.


You also don’t want to use lanolin oil, which is essentially a natural oil extracted from sheep’s wool, on already oily skin. Same goes for petroleum and mineral oil, notoriously known to give skin milia seeds (harmless but ugly small white or yellow bumps usually under the eyes or on the cheeks).


Artificial fragrance can be an irritant as well so stay away from heavily-scented bath salts and shower gels if you suffer from body acne. Also avoid the facial area when spraying perfume on your skin.


2. Do you habitually tuck the phone between your cheek and shoulder as you multitask in the office? Do you constantly touch your chin while watching the telly or rest your palm on your face as you are reading this page? If this describes you, heads up. Unless you have very clean hands all the time and super diligent about cleaning surfaces, you are in fact transferring zillions of acne-causing bacteria to your face. These little nasties can end up inside the hair follicle and clog up pores, which make you break out.


3. If you think your pillowcase is truly clean, think again. Dead skin cells, sweat, dead dust mites and their droppings, mould spores and dirt can accumulate on your pillow cases. If they are not washed regularly, say every week, then you are literally pressing your face against a bacteria-filled surface. Also, change towels as often as you can. Remember what I said about artificial fragrances and acne? Instead of highly perfumed fabric softeners, I highly recommend using vinegar in the rinse cycle.


4. You may not know realize it but the stuff that you put on your hair can be harmful to your skin, and especially so if you are not a frequent hair-washer and don’t keep hair out of your face. Many hair styling products contain a slew of substances – oil, silicones, and plasticizers – that can be pore clogging if they get in contact with the skin.


5. Love wearing really tight body-hugging clothes made of lycra, nylon or polyester? Watch out because these fabrics trap sweat and dead skin cells against the skin, blocking pores and cause painful skin eruptions like butt acne and breast acne. So remove sweaty gym clothes as soon as you are done with the workout and shower right away.


6. You have probably heard that the sun’s UV rays have antibacterial properties but did you know tanning in the sun actually causes more oil to be secreted and therefore, can aggravate acne problem? Furthermore, tanning under the sun or in a tanning booth speeds up cell production, and hence may lead to increased breakouts. Why? If you don't exfoliate on a regular basis to remove dead skin cells, they can clog up pores and not to mention, make your skin look hopelessly dull.




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