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8 Super Tasty Popcorn Seasoning Ideas



By Kate Miller

Movies and popcorn go together. But that giant tub of honey-buttered popcorn you're hugging could cost you up to 1500 calories in one sitting! A healthier alternative is to make your popcorn at home, in an air popper, a microwave or by hand on the stove. With homemade popcorn, you've absolute control over the ingredients used for seasoning, and have no worries about artery-clogging trans fats.

Making your own homemade popcorn seasonings is very easy. Here are 8 of my family's favorite popcorn flavorings – copy them or improvise them, I know you're going to love them all!

Homemade Popcorn Flavorings

1. A lot of people enjoy the rich buttery taste of movie cinema popcorn, and you can create this popcorn flavor at home simply by melting pure butter and add salt to taste.


If you want a bit of spicy kick to your popcorn, just add a few dashes of hot sauce and blend it in with the melted butter before adding it to the popcorn.



2. For cheese lovers, you can never go wrong with cheddar cheese popcorn seasoning.


Mix together 3 tablespoons melted butter, ¼ cup cheddar cheese powder, ¼ teaspoon mustard powder, ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper, salt and pepper to taste. Pour your homemade popcorn flavoring over the popcorn and stir well to mix thoroughly.


3. If you love Indian food, then you're going to love this exotic-tasting homemade popcorn seasoning.

Mix together a teaspoon of curry powder, ¾ teaspoon ground turmeric, ¾ teaspoon ground ginger and a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper to flavor homemade popcorn.


4. One of my kids' favorite snack is pizza flavored popcorn.

To make pizza popcorn seasoning, simply mix together 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon ground, dried oregano and ½ teaspoon dried tomato powder.


5. How about a real spicy hot popcorn seasoning to tickle your tastebuds?

Mix together ½  teaspoon chili powder and ¼ teaspoon dried, crushed red peppers. Add more chili powder if you desire.


6. If you like salt and vinegar popcorn seasoning, you can spritz 4 cups of popped, salted popcorn with a ¼ cup of malt vinegar.


7. Who can resist Cajun popcorn?

You can create Cajun popcorn seasoning at home by mixing 1 teaspoon paprika, ½ teaspoon garlic salt, ½ teaspoon of red pepper, ½ teaspoon white pepper, ½ teaspoon black pepper, ½ teaspoon onion powder, ¼ teaspoon oregano and ¼ teaspoon thyme. Toss seasoning with 4 cups of popcorn.


8. Can't get enough of sweet and salt stuff?

Then, use peanut butter to flavor homemade popcorn. Heat together 1 cup sugar and 1 cup light corn syrup in a saucepan, and stir continuously until mixture boils.

Allow it to boil for about a minute, then add 1 cup peanut butter. Stir until the peanut butter is melted and toss in homemade popcorn.

Spread them out on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for 10 minutes, 300˚F. Sprinkle a little kosher salt when done.


Here's a tip for those who want to try out more creative popcorn flavorings take a cue from the ingredients listed in those commercial seasoning products and add the same spices to your homemade popcorn.


With these super tasty homemade popcorn seasonings to satisfy each and everyone in the family, there's no reason to grab another overpriced store-bought popcorn again.



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