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How to Apply Fake Acrylic Nails at Home


By Tiffany Moore


Acrylic nails, or artificial nails, are fake nails that are glued onto the real nails. They are popular among women who desire long nails for a special event, and some even choose to use acrylic nails to stop their nail-biting habits.


You can get acrylic nail application at nail salons but they are expensive, and acrylic nails need to be maintained at least every 2 weeks. A cheaper option is to apply fake nails yourself, at home. Follow the guide below and with practice, you can get great professional looking nails without breaking the bank.


Fake Nails Home Manicure

You will need acetone-free nail polish remover, acrylic nail tips, liquid acrylic and powdered acrylic. Also, prepare a nail file, acrylic nippers or nail clipper, small acrylic brush and a dish for the acrylic liquid.


1. Clean your nails. Make sure that your cuticles are pushed back and remove old polish, if any. Trim your natural nails as close as possible, but not too close. Fake nails can tear away a part of your natural nails if they are broken. Such an injury may lead to infections.


2. Although some nail professionals say that you should rough up your nails by rubbing a grit filing block on them first before applying the acrylic tips to ensure they adhere closely, this is unnecessary. Roughing up the nails can damage your natural nail bed.


3. Once your nails are clean and dry, put a drop of glue on the tip. Make sure that the tips fit your nail bed as closely as they can. Adjust the nails quickly before the glue dries so they would not appear crooked. You can remove a crooked acrylic nail by immediately soaking it in water.


4. Use the acrylic nippers or a large nail clipper to trim the tips to your desired length. And, file them to remove any rough edges and to even out the lengths of your nail tips.


5. Mix the liquid acrylic with the powder acrylic in a dish, and then carefully apply the mixture to your fake nails like you would a nail polish. Avoid getting the acrylic mixture on your natural nail bed as it cause nail fungus to develop under the nail.


6. To finish, buff your nails and apply nail polish.


You will need to apply nail oil on acrylic nails once a day and remember to only have acrylic nails on for about 4 weeks before you have to remove them altogether. Also, avoid too much pressure on your nails, and wear gloves whenever you are doing housework. The chemicals in most household cleaning products can weaken and discolor your acrylic nails.


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