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How to Avoid Mosquito Bites



By Diane Hanson


Mosquitoes are not just annoying but can also be deadly. We hate these blood-sucking bugs buzzing around and keeping us awake all night long. And, when a mozzie bites, it leaves you with itchy raised bumps on the skin that last for hours and even days. So, what can you do to avoid mosquito bites, and reduce the risk of catching diseases caused by mosquitoes?


How Can I Protect Myself from Mosquito Bites?


1. The best thing you can do to prevent mosquito bites is to keep mosquitoes from breeding around or in your home. Make sure to remove standing or stagnate water around your house. Clear water from gutters, birdbaths, wheelbarrows, buckets, flowerpots and other outdoor containers. Keep children’s paddling pools empty and turned over when not in use. Make a hole at the bottom of tire swings to prevent water from collecting in it.




2. Keep skin covered as much as possible to prevent mosquito bites. Put on trousers, long sleeved tops and socks, and a hat. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can still bite through thin fabric, and dark colors can attract mozzies like a magnet.


Also, fragrances in deodorant, body lotion, hairspray, soap, and shower gel can be attractive to mosquitoes. Try to use unscented grooming supplies instead.




3. Wear mosquito repellent on exposed skin surfaces when outdoors, especially during the day to avoid mosquito bites. If you’re using sunscreen, apply it before insect repellent.


DEET is an effective mosquito repellant but it is known to cause skin irritations in some people. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that DEET should not be used on infants below 2 months old. Also, avoid applying mozzie repellent on hands since they are likely to come in contact with the eyes and mouth.


Homemade mosquito repellents work just as well, they are much more gentle on the skin and not to mention, eco-friendly. You can make homemade mosquito spray with a few ingredients – fill a quart jar with some herbs such as catnip, spearmint, or pennyroyal. Cover with apple cider vinegar. Shake 2 times daily for 2 weeks. Strain and either rub on or spray on your skin.


Another quick homemade mosquito repellent is to massage some extra virgin olive oil onto uncovered skin. Mosquitoes cannot penetrate the oil to bite you. In addition, the oil also breaks down the outside of the mosquito’s body which will stop them from biting you or anyone else in the future. However, you’ll need to reapply the olive mozzie repellant every 1 to 2 hours.




4. Stay indoors between dusk and dawn, as female mosquitoes are more active and you’re most likely to get bitten during these peak hours. The problem is worse when the weather is hot or humid.


If possible, sleep with a mosquito net over your bed to avoid mozzie bites.  And, don’t forget to check for holes regularly.



Follow these simple tips and you’ll significantly prevent mozzie bites in summer mosquito-afflicted days.






how do i protect myself from mosquito bites

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