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How to Buy a Pedometer



By Peter Reyes

A pedometer, also known as a step counter, has indeed become very popular these days. All fitness experts agree that walking 10,000 steps everyday can help weight loss, and walking just 6,000 steps daily can greatly improve your overall health. If you’ve decided to lose weight through a walking program, you should consider getting a pedometer.


Wearing a pedometer or step counter is the easiest way to track your steps. This small device counts your footsteps by sensing the movement of your hips. The pedometer tracks this movement and records each step taken.


With a wide array of pedometer, varying in features, degree of accuracy and price, buying a pedometer can be confusing. Use these 3 basic guidelines to help you arrive at an informed choice.


What to Consider When Buying a Pedometer (Step Counter)

1. Essential Features

All pedometers, no matter what price, count steps. If that’s all you want to know, a basic model is good enough. Of course, more expensive pedometers offer additional and useful features.


For instance, if you’re interested to find out about the distance walked or calories burned, then buy yourself a pedometer that uses GPS technology to accurately track your speed and distance traveled. Some devices come with a pulse rate monitor, which can be really helpful in letting you know if you’re walking in your target heart rate zone.


In addition, there are also pedometers which have memory capabilities, to chart your walking activity throughout the week. You can upload this data to your computer and use the information to track your stepping progress.




2. Accuracy

You want a pedometer that gives accurate readings. Look for models that use a coiled spring mechanism, or a piezoelectric accelerometer. Generally speaking, cheap pedometers that use a hairspring mechanism to measure your footsteps, are prone to under-counting or over-counting steps.


Omron and Yamax are reasonably priced and give extremely accurate readings.




3. Comfort

Since you’ll be wearing the pedometer all day, it’s common sense to buy a device that’s lightweight, allows freedom of movement and fits on the type of clothing you usually wear.


Typically, speed and distance monitors that utilize GPS are worn on the wrist. Ordinary step counters can be placed in your pocket, or clipped to your belt or bra – anywhere that will keep the pedometer positioned perpendicular to the ground.


It’s also a good idea to buy one that has a sturdy clip and safety strap to fasten it in place. Additionally, look for a display monitor that's easy to read, especially if you’re walking both indoors and outdoors or if you plan on walking at night.




No matter which step counter or pedometer style you buy, it is really a useful and inexpensive device to help you achieve your daily fitness goals through a walking program.



what to consider when buying a pedometer (step counter)

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