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How to Buy in Bulk to Save Money



By Robert Banks


Do you find yourself paying more for the things you buy weekly at the grocery stores between shopping trips? Although it may be just a few dollars extra, they continue to creep up and up before you even realize it.


More and more people these days are buying in bulk to save some money and keep price increases from impacting their personal finances too much.


Bulk buying is a great way to get the best possible prices for the things you use and will continue to use regularly. Not only will buying in bulk saves hundreds each year, it also makes life more convenient by saving trips to the grocery stores and helps reduce packaging waste.


However, there are a few things you have to consider before buying stuff in volume. Not all things save money with bulk. Your aim is to cut expenses, and not end up throwing away your hard-earned dollars.


What to Consider When You Bulk Purchase?

1. First and foremost, you need to set aside some storage space in your home and make a list of essentials that you use regularly which will not go bad. These can include everyday household items like laundry detergent, laundry softener, dish washer detergent, toilet paper, toothbrushes and even light bulbs. You wouldn’t want to end up with a ton of stuff that you have problems with where to keep them.


When it comes to grocery items, be careful. If you’re an occasional baker or don’t cook very often, then it is definitely not cost efficient to buy flour, spices or pasta in bulk. A two person household is unlikely to finish 24 jars of peanut butter before the expiration date. In addition, certain food items like grain or grain products will need to be stored in airtight containers to protect from stale air, dust and insects. Again, make sure you consider these factors before you bulk purchase.




2. Set out to find the best prices you can get on bulk purchases of things on your shopping list. Track and compare prices online, look at the advertisements in your local newspapers for the cheapest possible prices, or sign up for money-saving offers on groceries. However, don’t get too overwhelmed by the low prices you see at bulk item stores.


Before you purchase, do your homework at your local grocery store. Take a notepad and jot down the unit pricing of each item you intend to buy. Then take it along with you the next time you shop at the wholesale stores, to compare prices.



3. Use a calculator to divide the total units by the price. For instance, you save money per unit for a pack of twelve bars of soap versus singles. Always check to see if it is really a good discount to purchase in bulk. Some things can actually be a bit more expensive to buy in large quantities.


If you want to bulk buy clothing items such as men’s socks and underwear, go ahead. But, it’s a good idea to avoid buying kids’ as well as women’s clothing in bulk. The reason for this is, fashion trend changes quickly and children grow fast, leaving outgrown clothes which can contribute to household clutter.




Having said that, do not automatically assume that buying in bulk is a bargain. Whatever you intend to buy in bulk, first ask yourself this simple question – will you use as much as you buy? Keep in mind it’s not a saving, no matter how low the price, if you throw it away or it sits on your shelf forever.




how to buy in bulk to save money

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