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How to Choose and Buy a Baby Backpack Carrier



By Martha Sanders

Whether it's a day at the park or just a trip to the mall, baby backpack carriers are great for parents who are on the go. They offer convenience, freeing up hands to do other things while keeping your baby secured. These days, you can find wide selection of baby backpack carriers varying in size, weight, durability, style and price. To ensure your baby is happy and you're comfortable, keep these shopping tips in mind when you buy a baby backpack carrier.


What Is the Best Baby Backpack Carrier?

Baby backpacks are best suited for small kids who are over 6 or 8 months old and are capable of holding themselves upright. Your kid should weigh no more than 45 pounds; any heavier will be a strain on your back.


Know that the added weight and movement of your kid could cause you to lose balance, so a baby backpack carrier is unsafe for activities such as hiking on loose rocks or skiing.


If you're going to wear a baby backpack for hiking or camping, buy one that's more durable. You might also want to consider those that come with special features like extra storage compartments, including removable diaper or day packs; removable sunshade and rain hood, water bottle holder, etc.


In a word, buy the baby back pack based on your requirement. Any features that you don't require will increase your budget.


Most baby backpacks are framed with either a lightweight aluminum or plastic frame that helps distribute your baby's weight evenly over your shoulders and hips which allows for better balance.


Frameless ones are just as effective. They are more compact, lightweight, and rely on an elaborate suspension system to secure the baby in comfortably. Again, it’s really a matter of personal preference.


Choose a baby backpack with wide adjustable shoulder straps, a good lumbar support and a hip strap that will transfer most of the weight from the back to the legs. Avoid those with footrests as babies tend to bounce in the footrests which may result in instability.


The backpack should have a safety harness for your baby – one that clasps across his chest and over his shoulders.


You also want to be sure that the backpack is comfortable for you and your baby. Put it on and make sure it’s not too heavy. With your baby inside, feel how the weight is distributed. Ask yourself – does your neck or back feel strained, or does the weight sit nicely on your hips?


Are the shoulder and waist straps well padded? Is there a chest strap to take the weight off your shoulders and prevent you from slouching? If you suffer from back problems, choose one that has a lumbar pad for added support at the back of the waist belt.


Are the leg openings and top of the carrier padded for your baby’s comfort? Is the fabric soft enough so as not to irritate your baby’s skin?


Choose a baby backpack with soft breathable fabric that's durable and easy to wipe clean. Some backpacks have fabric that's removable for washing.


When you first buy a baby backpack, take some time to make all the necessary adjustments for fit and comfort. It may take you sometime to get used to wearing a baby backpack carrier. But once you get a grip, you'll be amazed at its advantages.



what is the best baby backpack carrier

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