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How to Choose and Buy a Good Baby Stroller



By Martha Sanders

One of the most important baby gear purchase for a parent is a baby stroller, since it's an item which will be used frequently. A good stroller has to be safe, comfortable for your baby, functional, and stylish – one that's easy to open, close, maneuver and store. With a wide variety of baby strollers available in the stores and online, it may be difficult to choose what is best. Here are a few helpful tips on what to look for in a baby stroller.


What Is the Best Baby Stroller to Buy?

Although a heavy-duty, sturdy-looking stroller may sound like a great idea, don't forget the fact that you may have to carry the stroller. For instance, climb stairways. Therefore, a stroller has to be lightweight.


Choose a lightweight stroller that is made of high-tech aluminum. Sure, lightweight strollers are more expensive but you'll find the 2 to 5 pounds weight difference more than justifies the higher price. Also, check that the stroller its into the back of your car.


Harness, belt or strap is what holds your baby to the stroller and prevents him from falling out. If you're purchasing a stroller for an infant, look for a five point harness – one harness goes around the waist, two in between the legs and two from under the arms and around the shoulder.


A three point harness that wraps around the waist and between the legs is suitable for toddlers and older kids. The buckle should be easy for you to undo, yet comfortable and secure for your kid.


You also want to buy a stroller that's roomy enough to allow bodily movements like change in position, hand and leg movements of your baby, etc.



Additionally, it should have generously-sized storage space for your baby's items such as diaper bag, bottle, and other similar baby thing. This is a huge plus on shopping trips and you can use this storage space for purses and groceries.



A good stroller should have shelter options to protect your baby from direct sunlight, rain and wind. Some strollers have wide brim or plastic waterproof sun cover, rain hood or canopy that can be detachable or foldable. Also, make sure that the fabric used in the stroller should absorb moisture and be easily removed for washing.



Buy a baby stroller with a reclining seat with extra padding as this helps your baby sleep and can also encourage a restless toddler to remain seated during shopping trips.



Choose a stroller with a brake system. Some strollers have 4-wheel brakes while others have rear-wheel brake. They should be strong enough to lock the wheels immediately and swivels should allow you to move the stroller smoothly in the direction you want.



Strollers with larger wheels generally provide a smoother ride on uneven ground. You might also want to buy a baby stroller with adjustable handles if you're tall or very petite.


what is the best baby stroller to buy

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