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How to Choose and Buy Kids Swing Sets


By Paul Coles


When you want to buy a kids swing set, don't just buy the first attractive looking swing set you fell in love with. Being attractive is not all that important, there are more crucial points to consider. Here are a few helpful hints to help you make an informed decision so that your kids can enjoy countless hours of fun safely.


What to Look For in Children’s Swing Sets


1. Structural strength of the swing set. Kids have tons of energy when it comes to  playing so make sure you purchase a swing set that's strong enough to withstand rough playing and the test of time.


Look at the material and the structure of the children’s swing set before you purchase. For instance, plastic swing sets can deteriorate if left outside and that means that they'll need to have a good indoor storage location.



2. Make your choice based on the number and the ages of the kids who will be playing with the swing set. It's recommended you buy a modular, option friendly swing set which can be expanded as your kids grow older by adding some attachments.



3. Never compromise safety. Pay extra attention to details such as rounded corners and smooth surfaces. Always choose a swing set made from recessed hardware and milled lumber that is devoid of sharp corners.


If you're thinking of metal kids swing set, look for galvanized steel over painted models as the paint can peel, and the swing set underneath will rust. A galvanized metal kids swing set is more durable and requires little  maintenance.  



4. If you're going to assemble a kids swing set yourself, be sure to have clear plans to do so, and that the assembling difficulty level is manageable.



5. Pay a little price for convenience and have the swing set delivered to your house. It saves you lots of time and trouble. However, if you aren't keen on assembling the swing set on your own, you can have it professionally installed in your home.



6. If you're a creative person, it'd be better for you to invest in a wooden kids swing set as you'll be able to play around with its color just by giving it a fresh coat of paint.


A word of caution, wooden ones must be firmly fastened to the ground for safety reasons, and are most appropriate for use by older kids.



7. Always buy a swing set that comes with a warranty against defects. And if you opt for a wooden swing set, make sure that it's protected from fungal decay and rotting.



8. Compare prices. Different manufacturers offer different options with different features for the same price so it's wise to shop around. Keep in mind the features, sturdiness, size and your budge while making comparisons.




how to choose kids swing sets

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