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How to Clean and Care for Ceramic Tile Floors



By Louisa Price


If you are like millions of homeowners who has recently switched from carpet to tile flooring, you might also want to know how to care for ceramic tile floors and make your investment last for a long time. Unlike hardwood floors, ceramic tile floor is surprisingly easy to treat, clean and care for. Here are a handful of easy-to-follow tips to keep your ceramic tiles free from abrasions, cracks or discoloration for years to come.


Ceramic Tile Flooring Cleaning Tips

1. The most important step to keep your ceramic tile floors looking as new as possible is proper daily maintenance.

Frequent vacuuming or sweeping up of dust and dirt particles will keep grit and grime from being embedded into the porous surface.

Dust and lint can evolve into grime if they are not promptly removed, especially in areas where there is moisture. Glazed tile, for example, can be scratched by grit.



2. You also want to wipe up any spills right away to prevent staining of the grout. If the spill remains stubborn, you can use a soft brush, sponge or synthetic scouring pad to loosen the spot. However, it is never a good idea use steel wool or a metal brush as these may scratch the surface of the tiles.



3. When moving furniture and other items, always lift them instead of dragging them on over the tiles. Using felt pads will also help prevent scratching and possible tile breakage.



4. Frequent dry mopping of your ceramic tile floor will surely keep it relatively clean for a few weeks. When you do a thorough cleaning, be extra careful with the cleaning products you use.

First off, pay attention to your floor manufacturer’s recommendations. There are non-abrasive cleansers made specifically for ceramic tiles.

Next, always make sure to thoroughly rinse the tile floor with clean water as any detergent residue can set and attract more dirt to your floor. You might want to consider window cleaner when cleaning glossy, glazed tile finishes.



5. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles usually do not need regular sealing unless they are highly porous. Also, avoid any product that is waxy or else it will leave a slippery film on the tile surface which is dangerous for young kids and elderly folks.



6. Although ceramic tile is suitable and often used for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is very important to remember that when wet, tiles can be slippery and dangerous regardless of the finish.

One great way to avoid accidents is to use floor rugs and runners in high traffic areas. This will also prevent dirt from building up on the tile and in the grout.



7. If mildew appears on ceramic tile, you can use a simple solution of equal parts water and ammonia to remove it. Again, use a soft brush to clean away the mildew and rinse the area thoroughly with clean water.

The area should be well ventilated when using the ammonia solution in your cleaning.



8. Hire a professional tile mechanic to remove and replace broken or damaged tile. Also, allow the repair to sit undisturbed for at least 24 hours before you grout the surface.



With these easy cleaning tips in mind, your ceramic tile flooring will look new, no matter how long you had them.



how to clean and care for ceramic floor

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