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How to Control Pregnancy Weight Gain



By Martha Sanders

Controlling pregnancy weight gain is a common worry among many pregnant women but it can be done easily. Very often, a pregnant woman starts eating almost any type of food she can possibly get her hands on and if she doesn't control her eating habits, she could end up risking not only her own life, but also the precious life of her unborn baby.

Gaining too much weight during pregnancy is harmful to health. A mother who has gained large amount of pregnancy weight could increase her risk of getting pregnancy related illnesses such as obesity and diabetes which usually happens after giving birth. It may also lead to weight gaining tendencies in the child.


How Not to Gain Too Weight While Pregnant

If you are overweight and had gained quite a bit of weight during pregnancy, don't feel discouraged. You can reduce excess pounds by following a healthy high-protein diet, consisting of white meat such as chicken, turkey and fish, eggs as well as pasteurized dairy foods.


It is also a good idea to also consult your nutritionist or doctor who could provide you with a few prenatal supplements. No matter how bad you want to control pregnancy weight gain, never use weight loss pills. It is best to control weight gain through a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits.


Vegetables such as cauliflower, okra, spinach, and tomatoes along with a wide variety of low GI fruits like apples and pears should be eaten regularly. Not only will you and your baby receive many different Vitamins from fresh fruits and veggies, you will also be cutting back on constipation issues, which is a common problem in late pregnancy.


Other than eating good amounts of protein and greens, you should also restrict your intake of high calorie foods, such as chips, pastries, cake, candy bars, sodas and fast foods. Fast food is astonishingly high in fat and has very little nutritional value.


You can also control your pregnancy weight gain through exercise or physical activity. Regular exercise during pregnancy may help you achieve your recommended weight goal.


Exercises such as walking, swimming, using a treadmill, yoga and prenatal fitness classes can keep you in great shape and prepare your body for labor.


However, care and precautions should be undertaken before joining an exercise program. For obvious reasons, check with your doctor before you begin any form of exercises, especially if you have not been exercising regularly before pregnancy.


In summary, the solution to controlling pregnancy weight gain is to switch to a healthy diet, which could you with provide plenty of nutrients and fiber, and doing light exercise on a regular basis.



how not to gain too much weight while pregnant

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