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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally



By Louisa Price

I hate cockroaches. They are one of the nastiest household pest that cause serious damage to wallpaper, books, clothing and furniture. And, once they are in the house and start to breed quickly, roaches can be impossible to get rid.


Of course, you can hire a pest exterminator to get rid of cockroaches in the house but the chemicals that these professionals use can be harmful to young kids and not to mention, pets. Instead, use an organic and non-toxic pest control option to get rid of cockroaches naturally.


Natural Roach Control Methods

1. Grab a handful of cloves and a handful of Epsom salts, mix them in a shallow dish and place under a typical hiding spot (dark, warm and moist areas), such as a behind dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, drier, and microwave oven. Don’t forget the under kitchen or bathroom sink areas.



2. Add a few drops of clove oil in corners, holes in your wall and cupboards to get rid of cockroaches naturally.



3. Cockroaches hate the smell of bay leaves and catnip. Crush up some bay leaves or catnip in a bowl, and sprinkle them in the corners of your kitchen or anywhere you've seen roaches moving. This method is sure to drive the cockroaches away.



4. Borax, or boric acid is very effective against cockroaches. Sprinkle borax around the house where cockroaches have been spotted. Be aware that borax is toxic to humans so do not place in areas where small children or pets play, sleep, or eat.



5. You can make homemade organic insecticide by mixing equal parts of baking soda and powdered sugar, and leave the mixture in a shallow dish where roaches are known to travel. Roaches will consume the mixture because it’s sweet. But the baking soda will give them gas, upset their stomachs and eventually kill the cockroaches.



6. A simple and effective homemade cockroach trap is to place a jar next to a wall that allow the roaches to get in, but not escape. You can use coffee grounds, or chocolate as baits, and put them in the jar. If no roaches are trapped, you can move the cockroach trap to a new location. This way, you can find out where the roaches are coming from, and tackle the problem from there.



7. Use pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius, also known as screw pine leaves) to repel cockroaches naturally. Pandan leaf gives off a strong scent that irritates roaches’ respiratory or nervous system.

Place about 3-5 loosely knotted pandan leaves per area in a small bowl, near places where roaches usually move around . You can also lighted crush them to release more fragrance.

Most importantly, replace with new leaves weekly or when pandan scent diminishes.



Having said that, best way to keep roaches away from your home is to prevent cockroach infestation.

1. Keep your kitchen clean, and empty trash regularly. Clean up any crumbs or spills quickly and pay special attention to area around your stove because grease can become food for roaches. Roaches cannot survive without water so never leave water in the sink, or in dirty dishes at night. And, remember to fix leaky faucets.



2. Don’t leave food (including your pet’s) sitting out too long; always store your food in air-tight glass or containers. If you leave food in the open, it’s bound to attract roaches.



3. Seal up cracks in your home. Cockroaches only need a small opening, as tiny as 1/5" to enter your home and get into cabinets. Use silicon caulk to seal every crack along the baseboards in your home. Seal all of the cracks inside your cabinets. In other words, eliminate their entry points.



4. Get rid of clutter – old newspapers, magazines, unused plastic bags, and all unwanted stuff lying around the house. Why? Roaches feed on them.



By using DIY roach control methods, you not only get rid of cockroaches naturally in the house, but also help to keep your family safe.



get rid of cockroaches naturally

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