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How to Get Skinny Legs



By Diane Hanson


Summer time calls for short skirts and shorts. Super short outfits call for super skinny legs. If your legs are not as slim as you want them to be, and you are wondering how to get skinny legs fast, then heads up. These oh-so-simple leg-thinning tips are sure to get you ready to flaunt your hot looking skinny legs in those sexy micro-minis.



Exercise to Get Skinny Legs

As you may already know, the fastest way to get thin legs is through regular physical exercises. However, we are not talking about spending long hours slogging away on the treadmill or step machines day in day out. The good news is there are actually a few exercises that are really good for losing leg fat so you maximize your time spent in the gym. Moreover, these powerful fat burning leg exercises are super easy to do and the best part is, they don’t require any equipment at all, leaving you with more cash to blow on stylish thigh-skimming mini dresses.



You want to look at cardio exercises such as swimming, running and cycling.  All these aerobic exercises increase your heart rate, which will in turn speed up your metabolism and help you burn leg fat quickly. Take cycling for example, it can create a serious calorie burn because it works every muscle from your waist down – your butt, front and back of  thighs, and calves.



Depending on the intensity, bike riding provide a shockingly high caloric burn, about 500-600 calories an hour, making it one of the best exercise for reducing leg fat. In addition to its powerful fat burning benefits, cycling is also a gentle low-impact activity compared to running and therefore, a great option if you have not been a very active person, or if you are starting a new exercise, or if you are slightly overweight.



If you cannot swim or cycle, and hate running, try walking for 20-25 minutes a day for skinner legs. Walking slims down your lower legs as it lengthens the muscles between the back of your knee and ankle. If you walk on the treadmill, avoid steep incline (think resistance and muscle building) because it won’t slim down thick legs and will only make big calves look bigger.



I would also recommend stretching classes, yoga or pilates for fabulously long lean legs. Pilates shapes, tones and lengthen your calves and legs. And if you combine pilates with yoga and walking, it’s a surefire way to firm up flabby thighs and slim down thick legs.



Another simply terrific workout that helps tone inner thighs and give you super skinny legs without sweating bucketloads is lunges or step-ups (calf raises). You can do step-ups on a bench, chair or a weight loss step.


Stand in front of it, place one foot on top and then bring your other foot up so that you are standing completely on the object. Then step down.


Continue doing this for about 5 minutes without stopping. Rest for a couple minutes before doing another 2-3 minutes. This simple exercise works wonders for your legs and buttocks.


Alternatively, try  one legged squats or hamstring bridges.




Foods to Get Skinny Legs

If you really want skinny legs, then eating a healthy low fat diet is also important. Fatty or high sugar content foods – chips, candies, chocolates, sodas, etc – will have to go. Instead, opt for lean protein snacks like diet-friendly hard boiled egg whites topped with cellulite-busting avocado, along with good amounts of brightly colored fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber without adding too many calories, such as grapefruit, kiwi fruit and celery.



Protein is vital for building and maintaining muscle mass so make sure to include fish, skinless chicken and turkey in your everyday meals. Fruits and veggies provide you with dietary fiber, which can help reduce the amount of fat that your body stores.



Also, avoid food that are high in salt and drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain water every day. Water not only helps flush out accumulated toxins in your body, which may cause aesthetically unpleasing cellulite, but also keeps your leg skin well-hydrated, velvety smooth and gloriously glowing in summer.



Aside from exercising and eating the right foods for skinnier legs, here are a couple of fool-the-eye tricks that can really make your legs look long and slender in a flash.



1. A pair of ultra soft, silky smooth legs is sexy so don’t forget to scrub away dry skin, moisturize with a rich body lotion and shave on a regular basis. And maybe, brush on some high-shine shimmer powder down your legs for a little sexy sparkle, and make them look a mile long!



2. Wearing high heels give the aesthetic illusion of longer, skinnier legs without breaking a sweat. Choose leg-lengthening low cut shoes or deep V-shaped vamps with pointed toes. Avoid ankle-strap shoes and ankle bracelets as they are very unforgiving on chubby legs, making them appear short and stubby.



3. Consider using a fake tan on your legs. Why? It hides flaws and create an instant slimming effect on your pins. If the idea of fake tan doesn’t quite appeal to you, apply a darker foundation shade than your natural skin tone on the sides and a lighter shade down the center of your thighs and lower legs. This helps to bring the eye down so fat legs look thinner and longer in short outfits.




Getting thin legs is not a dream. If you follow these tips religiously, how to get skinny legs is no longer a difficult task. Remember, exercise coupled with a healthy well-balanced diet is the key to getting skinny legs.




how to get skinny legs

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