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Niche Topics (Beauty and Wellness) is all about a natural approach to healthy skin, hair and nails. You'll love our collection of organic homemade beauty, bath and body treatment recipes using natural ingredients that nourish, pamper, cleanse and protect your skin. Harness the healing powers of Mother Nature's bounty to make yourself beautiful naturally.

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I'm 17 years old, fair skinned and I've a bunch of freckles all over my face. I get very upset every time I look in the mirror because I see new freckles coming out on my cheeks even though I avoid the sun like the plague! I want to get rid of my freckles but I don't know what is the best way to remove freckles naturally. Hope you can help. Thank you! – Tamara, Florida.



How to Make Freckles Fade Naturally?


Hi Tamara,

Generally speaking, there are two main causes of freckles formation – genetics and sun damage. If your mom or dad has freckles, you've a pretty chance of getting them too. In addition to this, you'll freckle easily after a day in the sun as you've lighter skin.

One truly effective way to remove freckles is through laser surgery, and this can be very expensive. However, depending on how dark your freckles are, you can also fade and get rid of freckles naturally using home remedies.


Home Remedies to Fade or Remove Freckles Naturally

1. Washing your face with sour milk, or applying sour cream to the face is one of the best ways to fade freckles naturally. The lactic acid that is present in sour milk acts as a mild peeling agent with moisturizing effects, which won't irritate or dry out facial skin. Apply sour milk or sour cream on freckles, and then wipe off gently with a facial tissue after a few minutes.


2. You can also make freckles go away by applying a little undiluted fresh lemon juice on the affected area twice a day – morning and at night – and then leave it to dry naturally before you wash it out. Lemon juice is a natural bleach with exfoliating properties that will lighten dark marks on face caused by pimples, acne scars, brown spots, age spots, as well as freckles.

It's important that you avoid the direct sun exposure after using this home remedy. This is because sunlight can react with lemon juice and cause skin irritation or redness on your skin.


3. Other than lemons, you can use any type of citrus fruit such as lime, orange, grapefruit to remove freckles. The juice from mashed cucumbers, apricots, strawberries or red currants also works well as a freckle removal home remedy.


4. For a slightly stronger lightening action, I'd suggest you use this homemade face mask 1-2 times a week to help fade out the freckles. Combine 1 egg yolk with 10 grams yeast and 15 drops fresh lemon juice. Mix all ingredients together and apply on your cleansed face. Wait for 20 minutes before you rinse off.


5. Another natural ingredient that's good for removing freckles on face is fresh parsley juice, which is widely known to have natural skin whitening properties. Take a small sprig of parsley and chop finely. Add to a cup of boiling water. Strain and let it cool for a while. Dab parsley juice onto the areas where you've freckles.

Alternatively, mix a parsley juice with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice, and red currant juice, and apply on your face to help get rid of freckles.


6. Honey is also excellent for freckle removal. It fades freckles, dark spots and other skin blemishes while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice and a small pinch of salt to 1 tablespoon manuka honey. Mix well and spread evenly onto the freckled area of your face. Wash off completely with lukewarm water after 15-20 minutes.


7. You can also use this very popular home treatment to remove freckles, if you don't mind the strong smell of raw onions. Slice a small red onion in half, and gently rub on affected areas, twice daily.


8. Papaya juice also makes freckles fade away and lightens dark marks because it contains the enzyme papain, which has been proven to whiten and soften the skin as well. Apply papaya juice on freckles using a cotton ball, or lightly rub with your fingers to get rid of them naturally.


What You Can Do to Stop New Freckles From Forming

1. Always wear a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen that provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF value of 15 or higher every day, regardless of whether you plan to be in the sun or not.


2. Stay out of the hot sun as much as possible, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun's rays are most intense. The general rule of thumb is, the sun is strongest whenever your shadow is shorter than you. That means the sun is directly above you and you’re more likely to get a sunburn.


3. Protect your skin against the sun's damaging UV rays with clothing like long pants, long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. Alternatively, carry an umbrella or parasol.


4. Walk or stand in the shade whenever possible. This works like an SPF and prevents you from getting full sun exposure.


5. Keep in mind that reflective surfaces such as water, snow, sand, and shiny materials may increase your exposure to ultraviolet lights significantly.


6. Make sure you include plenty of Vitamin-C rich foods in your daily diet. You want to eat kiwifruits, strawberries, black currants, guavas, tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, turnip greens and broccoli.

In addition, drinking wild rose tea or rosehip tea, and green tea regularly are also believed to help prevent the appearance of freckles.



By Tiffany Moore


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