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How to Pick Your Best Hair Color



By Tiffany Moore

Talking about hair color reminds me of Linda Evangelista. This gorgeous supermodel is known to change her hair color as often as the change of the winds. And, she looks absolutely stunning each and every time. If you pick the right hair color, it'll make your facial features stand out and instantly update your hairstyle. Choose the wrong color, you'll end up looking drab and dull.


What is the perfect hair color that fits you best? The answer lies in your eye color and your skin tone. You'll look best in a hair color that complements your natural skin tone. In general, your complexion is either dark, olive, peaches and cream, or fair to light.


How to tell your skin tone? People with warm skin have yellow or golden undertones and look fabulous in gold jewelry. One easy way to tell if you've a warm tone is to see if the veins on the inside of your arms are tinged with green.

Cool skin has pinkish based or blue undertones and looks great in silver jewelry, and have blue tinged veins.

Warm hair colors are those with a yellow, golden, or amber cast while ash blonds, ash browns, and black are cool hair colors.

You want hair colors with the same tone as your skin. For example, if you naturally have dark or olive skin, choose darker hair colors.

For those with yellow skin tones, pick dark and rich colors, such as deep auburn.

Pale skin will look good with almost any color. Pink skin matches well with neutral tones including beige blonde and chocolate brown, but avoid shades of red and gold.


What Is the Best Hair Color for Me?

Fair skin (pale) and blue or green eyes: A dark hair color emphasizes a fair skin, and intensifies the color of your eyes. You can go with a color that’s two or three tones darker than your natural color. Think Courtney Cox.


Fair skin (warm) and blue or green eyes: Look at Kate Hudson, her hair color reflects light on her cheeks, creating a rosy brightness. If you resemble Kate, consider coloring your hair in a golden blonde shade.


Dark skin and dark eyes: Blonde strands give volume to Jennifer Lopez's brown hair and create a good contrast with her dark skin tone to give the impression of bigger and brighter eyes.


Dark skin and blue or green eyes: The titian-brown hair color creates a sun-kissed glow on Jada Pinkett Smith and draws attention to her beautiful green eyes. To get the same stunning effect, apply a titian-red color from the base to the half of your hair's length and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Then apply the color to the rest of your hair.


If you don't feel comfortable picking a hair color on your own, consult a salon professional. He or she can take a look at your skin tone, eye color and natural hair, and advise you what hair colors suit you best.  


what is the best hair color for me

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