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How to Prevent Brittle Nails



By Tiffany Moore

Brittle nails are a common problem faced by both men and women. Brittle nails can be the result of aging but there are many instances where they are caused by some diseases or certain Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in our bodies.

Sometimes excessive contact with water, harsh detergent, drying out of nails due to overheating in your home, and overuse of nail polish remover can cause your nails to become soft and brittle.

Fortunately, weak nails that are peel, split and break easily can be prevented in the first place with proper nail care routine along with a healthy well-balanced diet. Follow these simple tips to keep your nails strong and looking good.


What Can You Do to Stop Brittle Nails?

If you apply nail polish very frequently and use nail polish removal to remove the coat, be sure to use acetone-free products.


Acetone causes nails to become rough and brittle. Better yet, avoid the use of nail polish.


Hydration can protect nails from brittleness. Make sure to drink enough water; aim for six to eight full glasses of water glasses daily.


Eating fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as melon or celery, can can also help your body get the water that you need to prevent brittle nails.


Massaging olive oil or castor oil frequently onto your nails as well as cuticles is a good way to keep them strong and healthy. If you want to use a hand cream, make sure to use an alcohol-free hand cream. Alcohol makes nails and the surrounding skin dry.


If you have a thyroid problem, you may suffer from brittle nails. In this situation, talk to your doctor. He may suggest some supplements to prevent brittle nails.


Biotin is excellent for keeping nails from being soft and brittle. It can be found in several vegetables, most notably cauliflower and lentils. However, it is also wise to consult your doctor before you take Biotin supplement since it is detrimental to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


To stop brittle nails, regular consumption of protein, calcium and Omega-3 fats are necessary. They make nails strong and less brittle so be sure to eat foods such as milk, tuna and salmon.


Keep your nails short if you know they are brittle. By keeping nails short, you can be sure that they are as healthy as possible. When nails are healthy, they will be less likely to be brittle and split or break.


Another way to prevent brittle nails is to wear cotton or rubber gloves whenever in contact with chemicals. For household chores, such as dishes and cleaning, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your nails.


If you do construction work or other types of manual labor, work gloves are a great way to keep the nails in the best shape possible.



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