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10 Painless Ways to Sneak in Exercise Every Day


By Peter Reyes

An explanation I often get for not exercising is that people have no time to exercise. With hectic lifetsyles these days, trying to squeeze in exercise seems almost impossible for most.

How do you find time to exercise? Exercising does not require hours in the gym or involve rigorous training programs. There are many ways to exercise at home, at work and without using any equipment.

Let’s take a look at 10 painless ways to sneak in exercise even you’ve no time.


How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

1. You can turn the world into a gym.

Skip the elevator, use the stairs (take 2 steps at a time). Walk or bike to work or to school, if possible. Walking lifts your mood and energizes you.



2. Seize every little opportunities to exercise, even at home.

Stand or hop on a stationary bike while chatting on the phone or watching TV; turn commercial break into quick strength training moves –  do chair squats!



3. The next time you're stuck in the traffic, do this.

Inhale, gently draw your navel towards your spine as you breathe out; repeat until it's time to go. This helps strengthen your core muscles.




4. While standing in a check-out line, tone your abs and gluts by squeezing and holding those muscles until it's your turn. Try this anytime, anywhere and trust me, no one will notice.




5. Turn everyday activities to fat-burning activities.


Clean your house old-fashioned way. Mopping, dusting and scrubbing burn calories. Better yet, pull out weeds in your garden – burns 60 calories.




6. You don't need expensive fitness gadgets or equipment for exercise. They’re often unnecessary and disappointing. Jump rope is inexpensive and easy to use.


Did you know jumping rope is a cardio-activity and for 15 minutes, you burn over 200 calories and its benefits are close to those of jogging?




7. If you’ve young kids, chase them around the house or turn on some music and dance, have fun and laugh. Laughing burns calories, no joke about that!




8. When at work, sit on an exercise ball instead of office chair. It enhances your core muscle strengthen and flexibility.




9. Turn your coffee break into a walk around the office or deliver documents to co-workers in person rather than via email.




10. Fill your water bottle halfway at the water cooler. Then, you'll have to get up and do a refill each time your water bottle gets empty.



So what's your reason for not exercising today?

how to sneak in exercise everyday

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