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How to Stop and Control Blushing



By Diane Hanson

When a child blushes, it’s cute. But when you blush easily for no reasons, it’s embarrassing. Blushing is a natural response in social situations that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious.

Blushing occurs when blood vessels in the face and neck enlarge and get closing to the surface of the skin. This makes your face look red and bright. And, blushing is more apparent on people with fair skin than those who have olive or dark complexion.

However, for some people, their excessive blushing problem can become so severe that it affects their social lives and even their careers. Find out a few simple and effective ways to treat or cure facial blushing, no matter how severe your blushing problems are.



Facial Blushing Remedies

1. Blushing problems are more common than you think, so you’re never alone. See if you can find another person suffering from blushing problems whom you can talk and share experiences with. Sometimes it helps just being able to talk about it.



2. Self-help and relaxation techniques can give effective results. Don’t think about fighting the problem. More often than not, the more you try to overcome it, the worse it may get.

Instead, try deep breathing and muscle relaxation to calm down, and break the cycle of blushing and anxiety before it leads to more severe blushing. The best way to treat blushing is to divert your attention away from thinking about blushing.



3. Uncontrollable blushing can be triggered by things other than social situations. Avoid hot and spicy foods, coffee, caffeinated beverages, and alcohol. These foods have a warming effect on the body and can cause you to blush easily and quickly.



4. Blushing can also be caused by medical conditions. Visit your family doctor if you’ve an intense blushing reaction, or seek help from a psychologist. You need to know if you blush because of physical reaction or if you blush due to a psychological issue that may cause the blushing. Professionals can make sure that there is no other serious condition that is causing the blushing problem.



5. Another natural way to treat blushing is through counseling and alternative therapies such as self hypnosis. Both aim to reduce your anxiety, increase your self confidence and self esteem, to help you control blushing better when it happens.



6. There are drugs available to cure and control severe blushing. Drug treatment with beta blockers or SSRI inhibitors may be recommended, and usually in conjunction with counseling as a way to break the blushing cycle. Over time, you should be able to control excessive blushing without medication.



7. Surgical treatment – endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) – may be considered in cases of blushing that do not respond to any of the above treatments. It involves clamping or destroying some of the sympathetic nerves in the upper chest, using a keyhole technique.

The sympathetic nerves are responsible for physical responses to emotional signals such as social embarrassment. By damaging key nerve fibers, signals that travel to the face to set off blushing are reduced. You still may feel anxious and embarrassed, but your skin will not go red.



These are just a few simple ways to help treat blushing problems. However you might want to consider whether your blushing is just a symptom of a larger anxiety or social phobia issue. If that’s the case, working on the underlying problem may stop blushing problem considerably.



how to stop facial blushing

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