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How to Stop Video Game Addiction




By Martha Sanders


The video game industry means big money for many companies. With new technology mushrooming all the time, game consoles like Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3are becoming a must have among our children today. Not forgetting to mention online games which are available freely to young consumers.


On a personal level, I find nothing wrong with video games. It only becomes a problem when children devote too much time on them and don't allocate enough for homework.


To make matter worse, some children are too addicted to games that it interferes with proper social interaction with real people.


As parents or even guardians, there's an urgent need to address this growing problem with strict discipline. This may prove to be a huge challenge but try not to give in or allow bargains. Here are a few helpful parenting tips on how to stop video game addiction for good.


How to Stop Kids from Playing Video Games


First decide the amount of time you think is reasonable for your child to play. Make use of timers on games to automatically shut down when the time limit is up. Playing video games is not wrong but spending way too much time on games will not benefit school grades.


Alternatively, disable by hiding all cords or set a password to lock computer till there's an improvement in his grades.


Teach your child time priority. He should finish his homework first before any games. Reward extra time on games if all rules are obeyed.


Encourage children to go outdoors, get some sun and play with friends. Obesity in children is a growing concern among parents in developed countries. Our children do not get enough physical activities and has gradually become lazy over time with all these modern technologies.


Outdoor games like biking or ball games are healthy to their well being and help develop good people skills. Nowadays, many teenagers addicted to games and online chatting with virtual friends, lose ability to communicate with real people. This has adverse affects on their lives later.


Curbing child addiction to video games is not an over night miracle. With patience and discipline, this problem can be eradicated.


how to stop kids from playing video games

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