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How to Teach Kids Multiplication

By Martha Sanders


Learning to multiply is a much dreaded task for many kids. Your first step in helping them approach multiplication is to make sure they fully understand the basics of addition before you proceed. These tips on ‘how to teach kids times table’ really helped my son overcome his fears for mathematics and learn the multiplication facts.


Easy Ways to Teach Children Times Table

Begin by explaining that multiplication is addition (2 + 2 + 2 = 2 x 3). It helps greatly if the kid understand things like 2 + 3 is the same as 3 + 2. Do not force kids to memorize at once.


For 0 times table: any number times 0 gives you 0

For 1 times table: any number times 1 remains the same number


For 2 times table: Skip the odd numbers when counting


For 5 times table: The last digit of your answer is either 5 or 0

For 9 times table: Show your ten fingers to the child and also make him or her do the same, saying that our fingers can magically show the answers from 9 x 1 to 9 x 9.


You do this by bending the finger of the number to be multiplied by 9. For example, 7 x 9, you should be bending your index finger on your right hand, showing 6 fingers to your left and 3 fingers to your right that is the answer 63.


For 10 times table: Just add digit 0 to the back of the number you multiply by.

For 11 times table: Digit doubling occurs for digits 1 to 9

For 12 times table: 10 times table + 2 times table

By now, you could start by getting your kid to memorize the times tables, Your kid should be able to know his or her times table from 0 to 12 and also realise that 8 x 6=6 x 8.


However, it is advisable to get kids recite the previous time tables they have learn to make sure they fully understand.



Kids’ learning will be made a lot easier if they memorize their times tables from the beginning rather than do the counting. Grocery shopping is also a good opportunity to teach kids multiplication such as the number of drumsticks needed for a barbecue if everyone wants to eat three or how much must we pay if we are buying three boxes of Trix cereals. Take learning outside the classroom and make it fun!

Patience is your golden key to success – never shout at your kid if he does not understand. This is not going to help but instead put him off multiplication totally. There are many materials and
mathematical games available online but teaching your kid yourself saves you money, gives you satisfaction and also an enjoyable time for bonding.

easy ways to teach children times table

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