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10 Unusual Lip Balm Uses You Didn't Think of



By Louisa Price


I was clearing the kids’ bathroom the other day and found a couple of half used lip balms left over from last winter. They looked yucky to be used on the lips, but I didn’t want toss the chapstick away so I googled “lip balm uses”. I was very surprised to find many other uses for lip balms around the house. All these ideas are awesome, and I know you’ll love them too!


Lip Balm Uses

1. Slip off a snug-fitting ring. No more pulling and tugging on your poor finger to remove a stubborn ring. Simply coat your finger with lip balm and then slide it off smoothly.



2. Lubricate a zipper. Smear a bit of lip balm up and down the teeth of a stuck zipper. Then zip and unzip a couple of times. The lip balm works as a lubricant and smooths its action so you zip or unzip easily.



3. Lubricate tracks for siding things. Spread some chapstick to the tracks of drawers, windows and the like,to make them glide more easily.



4. Keep a light bulb from sticking. When outdoor lights are exposed to elements, they often get stuck in place and hard to remove. Before setting the light bulb into the socket, coat its thread with lip balm. That way, you can remove it later with ease.



5. Keep shoelaces in place. Simply coat the strings with a bit of lip balm, where you loop and knot to keep them from coming undone. Works on ice skates too!



6. Shine your shoes. Dab a little lip balm onto your leather shoe and then buff with a dry cloth. Lip balm can also be used to polish leather belts, purses and pocket books.



7. Repair a scratched CD. Rub a thin coat of chapstick across the scratch on the CD and then wipe it off with a soft clean cloth. Your CD will play without skipping.



8. Condition your nails. Rub a little lip balm into your cuticles and nails and leave for a couple of minutes. Then gently push cuticles down with an orange stick. The lip balm softens cuticles and conditions nails.



9. Nab those shaving nicks and scrapes. Dab on a bit of lip balm to seal small cuts and stop bleeding.



10. Protect your skin from hair dye. Apply some lip balm around your hairline to prevent the dye from staining your skin.



Isn’t it amazing that a small tube of lip balm does more than keeping your lips from chapping?


lip balm uses

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