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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Flat Abs



By Peter Reyes

The only time a big belly looks sexy to me is on a pregnant woman and okay, maybe Father Santa. A huge round jiggling beer belly or excess abdominal fat on any other beings is not sexy or manly. Flat abs is hot– you want it, I want it but not many people can get hold of it. One thing for sure, it takes a lot of hard work to lose belly fat fast and maintain flat abs.


Contrary to popular belief, doing hundreds and hundreds of abdominal crunches or sit-ups every single day is not going to help you to lose belly fat. Adbominal crunches will only help tone the muscles underneath your stomach fat.


Let me tell you what really reduces belly fat – exercises that increase your heart rate, which in turn rev up your metabolism and burn oodles of calories to reduce overall body fat.


If your body fat is high, especially in your abdomen area, you can’t see the muscles through the fat. Therefore, your goal is to have a low body fat, about 10 percent or lower. You cannot possibly decrease body fat and achieve a flat tummy simply by doing stomach crunches alone. Crunches are low impact exercise that work very few muscles, mostly your neck and back, and they don’t burn massive amounts of calories and get rid of body fat.


The best exercise to lose belly fat is a combination of strength training and a cardio workout. Strength training exercises that involve lots of different muscle groups such as squats and dead lifts, help you build more muscles and reduce the overall percentage of body fat. Cardio exercises help you burn calories and fat. Try interval training as it is one of the best cardio workouts to lose more body fat in less time.


Once you have lost fat from the entire body, start doing crunches and other abdominal exercises to tone your belly muscles and get a head-turning six pack abs.


Next, watch your fat intake and control the number of calories you eat. You want to avoid food items that are high in fat and sugar such as fast food and soda. Instead feed your body with good amounts of high protein foods that can help speed up metabolism so you burn fat and keep the weight off.


Skip your usual bagels, and have egg whites for breakfast. Include legumes such as kidney beans and lentils in your diet. Plain black pinto beans, for example, are great for reducing saturated fat level in the body due to their high Vitamin B12 content, which is said to help in metabolizing fat.


Fish, skinless chicken as well as turkey rank among the best choices for lean protein foods to eat on a healthy low fat diet plan. If you’re craving for something crunchy, snack on protein-rich almonds and walnuts in place of fat-drenched chips or sugar-laden cookies.


Some research have shown that calcium may reduce fat absorption so it’s a good idea to incorporate low fat dairy products into your meals. If you’re lactose intolerant and cannot drink milk, then sip yourself skinny with some green tea. Numerous studies have suggested that green tea can increase metabolism and promote weight loss.


Aside from eating a belly-fat-burning diet, you also want to reduce the amount of salt (sodium) you consume since too much salt can contribute to water retention and bloating. Keep salt intake to about one teaspoon (2,400 mg) or less daily.


Last but not least, stress and inadequate sleeep are also important when it comes to losing belly fat. Too much stress and too little sleep may result in an excess production of the stress hormone cortisol, which promotes fat storage in the stomach.


Learn to reduce everyday stress with simple deep breathing exercises, yoga, or mediate. Or, do anything that helps you relax – soaking in a nice hot bath,  listening to soothing music, or getting a foot massage work wonders to melt away stress.






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