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Make Homemade Lollipops



By Rebecca Garcia

All kids get excited when they see suckers at the candy store. And, my kids go wild when I say "let's make homemade lollipops!"

If you think it's hard to make lollies, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Making candy lollipops at home is amazingly simple. You don't even need special equipment such as candy thermometer or lollipop mold, and you can easily make a dozen in about 30 minutes.

The best thing I like about making my own sweets is I get to vary the colors, flavors and shapes to suit any taste and occasion. Homemade lollipops make beautiful gifts for friends, and also great fun cooking projects for children.


Candy Lollipop Recipe

(makes 12)



2 tablespoons light corn syrup

1 cup sugar

2-3 drops flavoring oil

6-7 drops food coloring

½  cup water

12 lollipop sticks


How to make lollipops

1. Line a large baking tray with aluminum foil. Arrange lollipop sticks, about 4 inches apart.


2. Place sugar, water, and corn syrup in a heavy duty saucepan. Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved.


3. Cover the saucepan, and let the syrup mixture boil for about 1 minute.


4. Remove its cover, and boil the syrup until it reaches 300˚F. If you don't have a candy thermometer, drop a drop of the mixture into cold water, it turns hard. This usually takes about 5-6 minutes of rapid boiling.


5. Remove saucepan from heat. Let cool for about 5 minutes.


6. Stir in flavoring and food coloring of your choice. Make sure you go easy on the coloring. Too much can make your lollies taste bitter. I use lime flavor and green food coloring since we made them for St. Patrick's Day.


7. Pour dollops of candy mix over the top half of each lollipop stick and let your homemade lollipops cool until hard. This takes slightly less than 1 hour.


If you prefer evenly shaped lollies, use hard candy molds. Make sure to wipe a bit of oil or spray with nonstick cooking spray on the molds before you begin. Using a spoon, fill each mold and then tap gently to release any trapped bubbles.


8. Enjoy your homemade candy lollipops immediately, or wrap individually in cellophane and seal with ribbon or twist ties.



make homemade lollipops recipe