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How to Make Perfume Last Longer



By Tiffany Moore


Have you noticed that each time you wear a perfume, no matter how expensive, the scent doesn't stay as long as you want? Normally, perfume should last for about 6 to 8 hours while eau de toilette can last for about 3 to 4 hours. Use these tips to make your perfume last longer all-day and all-night.


How to Make Perfume Stay on Longer?

1. First, make sure to apply perfume on clean skin. It is best to apply perfume just after a shower, as the pores are open and your body is moisturized.

Do not use perfume to mask body odor. Perfumes will only work temporary, and eventually your body odor will overpower the scent.


2. Layering the scent gives long-lasting effects. You can use soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion or talc in the same fragrance to establish the scent on your body.

If you don't want to layer your scent, at least apply perfume or cologne to freshly moisturized skin before you dress so that the clothing doe not sap up the fragrance.


3. To make the scent last longer, apply the perfume on your pulse points. These areas produce heat that will release the scent of your perfume.

Your temples, the base of your throat, between your breasts, your wrists, and the bend of your elbow are all the pulse points which you should spray your perfume. Other pulse points are located at the back of your knees and ankles.


4. You can also rub a little petroleum jelly, Shea butter or olive oil on your pulse points, before applying the perfume so as to make the scent last longer.

Also, spray yourself from about 12 inches away, then step into the fragrant cloud you have created. It helps the scent spread equally on all parts of the body.


5. Spray your hairbrush with perfume and run it through your hair. It gives a good scent to your hair.

If you have dry skin or going to a special evening, you can always carry a small travel size bottle with you. Reapply to make perfume last longer throughout the night.


6. Fragrances are classified according to the strength of their scent, which is based on the concentration of scent oils and levels of alcohol.

Parfum or perfume contains the highest concentration followed by eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne and lastly body sprays and lotions.


7. Keep the perfume, tightly capped in a box, away from extreme temperatures and light to make it long-lasting.

Also, be aware that certain perfumes leave stains on clothing and accessories, especially synthetic fibers and pearls. So, it is a good idea to spray perfume before putting on any clothes or jewelry.


In summary, to make perfume last longer, buy a stronger and concentrated version. Then apply onto moisturized skin and your body's pulse points.



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