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Mother's Day Gift Ideas



By Jill Peterson


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, but are you still looking for the perfect gift for your beloved mom? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas, both inexpensive and unique, that all mothers will love.


Gift Ideas for Mom

1. Gift Baskets

A great gift for a Mother would be a gift basket. There are several kinds available such as candy and cookie baskets, specialty coffee gift baskets, and even gourmet cheese baskets.

There are also spa baskets and candle baskets in the market which would make a mother feel nice and relaxed when she has some quiet time on her own. If you don’t want to buy a gift basket or prefer something exceptionally different and special, you can always personalized and make your own mother’s day gift baskets.

Putting together your own gift basket is super fun and easy, and they cost much less than ready-made ones from the store, which is a big plus for those with a shoestring budget.



2. Spa Gift Certificate

Moms work hard all year taking care of their families and don’t get much of a chance to rejuvenate and relax. Why not give her a gift certificate to a spa?

This allows mom to take time off to unwind and be pampered. With a gift certificate, she could have a revitalizing facial, enjoy a soothing massage, or pick up some of her favorite spa accessories. You might want to sign up with Groupon for affordable spa packages and gifts.



3. Hobby Gift

If your mom has a favorite hobby, she probably would really enjoy something related to that hobby. For instance, if she’s scrapbooking fan, get her some scrapbooking supplies as well as embellishments such as stickers, rhinestones and buttons.

If she loves to knit, how about getting her a knitting pattern book? Many mothers I know are fond of collecting small items like small ornaments or bells. Does your mom collect anything, maybe seashells or stamps? If so, think about giving her something to add to her collection.



4. Special Outing

Taking your mom out on a special outing doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. Find free events such as concerts, plays, museum tour in your area and then pick one that interest her most.

Alternatively, an outing at the countryside, to the zoo or any of her favorite spot will surely warm her heart too. Don’t forget to bring along a camera with you.



5. Restaurant Gift Card

Another great mother’s day gift is a gift card to her favorite restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal. She could go with friends and it will give her a chance to take a much needed break.



6. Picture T-Shirt

Mothers love to show off their kids. What better way to do so than wearing a comfortable T-shirt with a photo of her kids printed on it. It is not expensive to design custom picture T-shirts online and many online retailers even throw in free shipping worldwide.



7. Home Decor Gift

If mom is into home decor, you can get her a personal gift for the home. A gift card to a store such as Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel would allow mom to pick out exactly what she wants.



8. Music CD

If mom loves music, you can get a CD of her favorite groups or artists. They are incredibly cheap and your mom will enjoy it for many years to come.



9. DVD Photo Albums

All mothers treasure photos taken in the past days since every photo records a good memory. You can make mom a DVD photo album with some slideshow-making skills and a computer that has PowerPoint installed.

Here’s how to make – first, you want to collect all the photos of mom and the family, then make a slideshow with PowerPoint. In addition to photos, you can add some warm music, family videos or voice recorded.

Next, burn the photo album onto DVD with Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Burner and present the DVD disc to mom, I’m very sure she will love it!

She could share the DVD on TV with her friends or send the DVD photo album copies to others. Moreover, the slideshow can be converted to video with Leawo PowerPoint to Video to share YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, Myspace, blogs and even mobile devices such as iPhone, iPod, Blackberry.




Whatever you decide to buy, always remember this when shopping for a mother’s day gift for your mother – the most important thing is the love behind the gift and not the price tag.


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