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Natural Teething Remedies for Babies


By Martha Sanders


Teething can be an unpleasant time for your baby and you. Your baby is irritable and you are anxious. While there are a variety of teething gels which you can purchase from drugstores to relief teething discomfort, it is worth noting that experts warn against the excessive use of such gels as they contain benzocaine.


Benzocaine can numb the back of your baby's throat which weakens his gag reflex and could cause him to choke on his own saliva. Besides, teething gels can cause allergy reaction in some people.


Therefore, it is wise to avoid over-the-counter solutions and use natural teething remedies instead. Read on to find out what natural home remedies you can use to alleviate pain and discomfort your baby may experience as teeth start to appear.


All Natural Remedies for Babies Teething Pain

Teething rings are extremely effective especially when first placed in a fridge and cooled. However, make sure that the ingredients inside a teething ring, particularly a soft one would not harm your child in case he chews really hard and puncture it.


You can also give natural rings, such as bagels, bread or even vegetables such as a frozen banana or a cold baby carrot if your child does not have teeth yet. If your child has teeth he might choke on pieces of food. Make sure to watch your child closely when you give food.


In the past, store bought teething biscuits have high levels of salts, sugar and other ingredients that are not good for very young children. Today, you can find a plethora of organic, whole grain teething biscuits that contain levels as recommended by various food agencies.


However, use teething biscuits in moderation. Also, make sure that the teething biscuit would not break up in your baby's mouth as this can result in choking. Try out the biscuit yourself. If it dissolves away, rather than breaks up, then it is probably safe to give to your baby.


Sometimes a simple distraction to take your baby's mind off the discomfort can be a huge plus. For instance, giving your baby a toy or lots of cuddles and playing often works. Focusing on the pain can make it worse so give your baby something else to think about.


You can also massage your baby's gums, using a clean wet finger. Your baby may resist at first, but soon the counter pressure may provide much relief.


Another natural way to relief swelling and pain of gums is to use clove oil. It has warming and numbing properties but can be very potent. So make sure to blend a minute amount with olive oil or almond oil and always test the mixture on yourself before giving it to your child.


You might want to check with your doctor before using clove oil teething remedy since too much clove oil can upset a baby's stomach.


A simple but highly effective home remedy for teething is to give your child a cool bottle of water. It helps to numb the soreness of the gums and relieves pain.


all natural remedies for babies teething pain

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