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Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and exercise? I am not really fat but I just want to lose a bit of weight (about 5 pounds) for my cousin's wedding which is in 2 months' time. I love carbs way too much to ever give it up so how can I reduce my weight while enjoying my favorite foods and not starve myself of them? Thanks! – Hayley, Oklahoma.



how to lose weight without dieting and exercise

5 No-Diet Ways to Lose Weight Fast


Hi Hayley,

I've good news for you! It's possible to lose weight without effort; you don't have to work out in the gym for hours and hours, or avoid all high-carb foods to lose weight fast. You can eat your favorite foods and more if you watch out for those greasy, high calorie food and slip natural exercises into your daily life. So follow these effortlessly brilliant diet tricks to cheat yourself slim and look absolutely fabulous in no time!


How Can You Lose Weight Without Dieting and Exercise?

1. One of the key elements to any successful weight loss journey is to balance your meals with a wide variety of foods from each food group (particularly lean protein) and make veggies the largest part of the meal.

Why protein and vegetables? Proteins like beef, chicken, turkey and fish are digested and absorbed more slowly than carbs or fats, thereby making you feel full longer and keeping your appetite under control.

I'd suggest scrambled egg whites or low sodium baked beans on multigrain toast for breakfast instead of strawberry jam on white bread, if you love some carbs in the morning. Trust me, you won't have the urge to grab a sugary, high fat mid-morning snack such as a chocolate dipped banana doughnut, honey bran raisin muffin, or vanilla butter cookies. Not only will you cut down on empty calories and melt pounds, but you'll also save money and your health by reducing snacking on unhealthy food.

Veggies are the best food to eat for quick weight loss because they are super low in fats, and high in water content, which provides both volume and weight but not a lot of calories. Therefore, consuming large amounts of vegetables except starchy ones – potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and yams  – won't make you fat.

Instead of increasing the portion size of the carbs (pasta, rice or breads) you eat, try to include a bigger salad, consisting of at least 2-3 varieties of non-starchy vegetables such as cabbage, tomato, celery and cucumber. Then end your meal with a small fruit like apple or prune, or have a slice of melon or papaya.

The fiber from vegetables and fruits helps keep your digestive system regular which will in turn help you reach your weight loss goals safely and naturally.




2. There is no need to completely deny yourself of the carbs you like. The trick is to opt for healthier alternatives and enjoy them in moderation.

If you crave fried onion rings and fries, choose oven-baked kale chips, grilled sweet potato fries, baked parsnip fries, roasted chickpeas or rutabaga wedges over deep-fired french fries.

If you want a big juicy burger at your favorite fast food joint or fried egg rolls from your local Chinese takeaway, my suggestion is always go for the vegetarian options on the menu, if available. Swap high fat beef burgers for tofu burgers (or salmon burgers); order a vegetarian entrée that is lightly stir-fried or steamed such as steamed vegetable dumplings, and yes, avoid that thick gluey sweet dipping sauce!

That way, you'll reduce almost 100 calories and also get more dietary fiber into your body at the same time.




3. Another no-need-to-diet weight loss trick is to fill yourself up with plenty of soup at the beginning of your meal so that you'll eat less and hence weigh less later.

Try to have a bowl of low calorie broth-based soup like clear vegetable or chicken soup everyday for lunch or dinner. However, stay away from thick, creamy, highly seasoned soups that contain a lot of sodium, MSG and fat. Clam chowder, and heavy soups such as black bean, split pea soup are on your no-go list.




4. Preparing your own meals from scratch can be an excellent weight loss tool as it allows you to control calories, carbs and fat. What if you don't have time to grocery shop and cook healthy meals? Here are a couple of ways to avoid the extra calories when you eat out at restaurants and cafes:

Order a kid’s meal, or the smallest portion size on the menu. If it isn't available, then order a low fat starter as your main course meal, or share the largest portion with a friend.

Choose water or non-sweetened drinks instead of slurping down sugary beverages such as soda or fruit drink, or alcohol. Besides adding empty calories, alcohol also stimulates appetite and increases gastric juice secretion, so you feel hungrier than you really are.

Ask for a smaller dinner plate. When your plate size shrink from 12 inches to 9 inches, you could be consuming 25% less food without dieting. With larger plates you tend to pile a mountain of food than with smaller plates, and polish off all the food. Don't forget to ask the waiter to remove your plate as soon as you finish your meal.




5. When I say you can lose weight without exercise, I mean no vigorous military style exercise program, no jumping up and down, no 5 mile marathon running, or exercising until you drop.

I strongly encourage gentle exercise such as walking, yoga, taichi or any kind of physical activity that gets you up off the couch and start moving. Pottering around in your garden for 20 minutes, doing house cleaning for 15 minutes, washing and polishing your car, and chasing your kids in the park are great examples of exercise without effort.






By Diane Hanson


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