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4 Powerful Ways to Get and Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly


Hi Marissa,

For most of us, exercise can be a daunting task, and getting ourselves to stay motivated to work out every day is certainly not easy. I struggled with the same problem a couple of years ago after the birth of my third child and endless sleepless nights. It was physically challenging (for my post-baby body) and mentally hard for me to get back to exercise when I slacked off from my workout regime for months.

I am happy to share with you some really helpful ways that will inspire you to stay motivated to work out and get you back on track quickly. Try them out today and your exercise schedule is never, ever dull! Good luck!


How Can I Stay Motivated to Workout Every Day

1. Many of us lose interest and get bored when we do the same things or eat the same food day after day. Similarly, when you start a fitness workout routine, the last thing you want is to do the same old boring workouts and exercises every single day. Doing the same stuff daily for too long can lead to burnout (and plateau) and, for some people, give out exercise altogether. For those reasons, you want some variety in your workouts to keep things fresh, interesting and challenging so you stay motivated while working out.

There are a multitude of ways to avoid mental boredom, and add variety and new challenges to your workout regime. For example, instead of running every day, you can speed walk, swim, or cycle. If the weather is bad, or frigidly cold outside, consider indoor sports such as squash, badminton, bowling, jump rope or dancing.

Also, exercise need not have to be an expensive and formal activity. Do not force yourself to run a mile on a treadmill 6 days a week; any activity that involves some kind of physical work is considered exercise. Digging and forking your garden can be much more fun and productive than going to the gym. Playing hide and seek with your children is a great fitness and exercise activity for busy moms.

Another thing worth a big mention is to always exercise first thing in the morning so that nothing else is pushing you away from your exercise schedule. When you get through a hectic day, exercise usually takes a backseat.



2. Setting goals worked best for me personally. I make it a point to set fitness goals, a short term goal and a long term goal, to enhance my enthusiasm for exercise. What motivates me to exercise every day is that I want to be in great shape for my husband, to be bikini ready by summer time and to be fit and healthy so that I can take good care of my family for many more years.

To keep yourself more motivated, focus and visualize the benefits of exercising; link it to your personal happiness, well being and success in life, and remind yourself these pros continuously.

Also, when you give yourself an incentive to exercise regularly, you are far more likely to stick to your workout program. Reward yourself every week if you exercise and carry through on your fitness schedule for a week without skipping.



3. Having an exercise buddy is a fun way to stay motivated to exercise regularly if you hate flying solo. Exercising with someone – your spouse, siblings, friend, or co-worker – makes it easier for you to keeping moving and stay focused on your fitness goals. On top of that, your workout will be more enjoyable and feel less like torture when you work out with your fitness pal.

However, the real challenge is in finding a supportive and compatible workout partner who shares similar exercise goals or interests as you do. You want that person to challenge you without being overly competitive. It is very demoralizing and not fun to partner with someone like Ian Thorpe if you are just getting into swimming.



4. If you seriously cannot find a suitable exercise buddy or you are that type of person who needs to be pushed to your very limits, then I suggest you hire a certified personal trainer, if your finances allow.

A personal trainer acts as your exercise buddy, a coach and is an excellent motivator. He can help you grow motivation, self discipline and unbreakable metal resilience especially when you just feel like giving up. He is here to encourage you to lift heavier, to do more squats, to run a mile without stopping. Simply put, your personal trainer makes it difficult to slack off on the exercise regime so you achieve your fitness and/or weight loss goals as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the personal trainer is equipped with the most recent professional knowledge on proper nutrition, exercise and fitness to make sure that your workout routine is safe and effective while you are having fun.




By Diane Hanson

I need help on how to get and stay motivated to exercise regularly. I'm an active person and always had lots of energy to get up and run in the morning, but somehow I've lost my commitment and can't stay motivated to workout every day. I find myself procrastinating, making excuses not to exercise all the time. I really have to get back to exercising because I stopped running/working out for about 3 months and need to burn off all those extra calories I consumed over the holidays. Please suggest some interesting ways to help me get and stay motivated to workout again. Thank you so much! – Marissa, Detroit.

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