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Niche Topics (Pregnancy and Kids) is all about practical parenting advice and parenting skills to help you deal with common parenting challenges from toddlerhood to teen years. You’ll find tons of healthy food ideas and easy-to-make kids meals, fun activity ideas and creative crafts projects that kids love to do and play!

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Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms



By Martha Sanders


Having a baby is an joyous experience but the nine months leading up to childbirth can be worrisome for a first time mom. Many women worry throughout their pregnancy about the health of their baby. Getting informed is your first step in keeping yourself and your baby healthy. Read on to find out about 5 easy pregnancy tips for first time moms to prepare themselves for the challenges of the next nine months.



What Should I Know About Being a New Mom?


1. Get in Shape Early

When you find out that you are pregnant it is not the time to start a new diet or exercise program. But if you are planning to become pregnant, make sure you are at a healthy weight and in the best physical condition. This will help you to have a problem-free delivery.


If your pregnancy is unexpected and you are not in the best shape possible, don't worry about it. It is possible to have a healthy baby while limiting the amount of excess weight that you gain. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will give your baby the nourishment he needs while helping you to control pregnancy weight.




2. Your Baby is What You Eat

Your baby depends you to grow properly. Following a diet that includes all the major food groups is probably the simplest approach to a healthy diet.


You may discover your appetite changing during the course of your pregnancy. This is common and shouldn't alarm you if you have unusual food cravings. It is quite acceptable to enjoy "bad" food occasionally, as long as you limit the frequency. Doctors often recommend that pregnant women begin taking vitamin formulas designed specifically for them.




3. Exercise Regularly

While a rigorous exercise program is unsuitable, it's a good idea to try and get some light exercise every day.


Walking on a daily basis is beneficial for your health as well as for your baby. Before you begin any exercise program, you should always consult your doctor.




4. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs

Indulging in any of them could cause injury to your baby. You also should discuss with your doctor if you a coffee, tea, or soda drinker.




5. Relax Yourself

Pregnancy is a special time and more often than not, people will shower you with more attention. You should relax and enjoy this special moment.


Don't get stressed. Research shows that if you’re regularly stressed, anxious and tense during your pregnancy, you’ve got a greater chance of having a baby that also suffers from stress and anxiety. One of the most important things you can do to relax yourself is to get sufficient rest.




With these tips in mind, you are sure to have a healthy and easy pregnancy, and enjoy every moment of it.


what should i know about being a new mom

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