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5 Priceless No Money Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Hi Sonia,

That's very sweet of you to take the time to write and ask for no cost/no money Mother's day ideas. Reading your email made me a little teary because marriage separation is very painful and certainly not easy for a woman to manage a household alone.

I have 4 children and remembering back when they were your age, I didn’t want them to spend senseless amount of money on expensive Mother day presents. Getting gifts for mom doesn't necessarily have to cost money, your mom will surely appreciate any gift you give her. You can make mom really happy and feel special with these free yet priceless Mother day gift ideas.


Super Cheap Gifts for Mom

1. Your mom will be so delighted if you and your brothers can help out a little with housework. Offer to vacuum the carpet, clean the windows, wash the dishes for a week, fold the laundry, or pull the weeds from her flower beds. All these household chores are a big pain so do it for her. And, don't quit until everything is done!

Alternatively, make mom a unique coupon book, and let her redeem her special coupons. You can use these ideas and put things like – wash the car, walk the dog, take the trash out, sing a song, eat veggies, no fights, or a nice shoulder massage – or make up some of your own. Better yet, create a blank coupon book and let mom "customize" by filling it in with her own requests. Google "free coupon book printable" and you will find thousands of websites that allow you to print out Mother's Day coupon books.



2. A heartfelt card is an inexpensive way to give mom a meaning and invaluable present. You can draw a picture of mom, and on the inside, write something that you love about her. Mothers will love anything that their children make so don't worry too much about making the most beautiful card, speak from your heart and mom will cherish your words for the rest of her life.

For example, you can write – Dear mom, you're truly a terrific and special person. Thank you for making delicious meals everyday and always being there for us. We love you for a thousand different reasons. Happy Mother's Day!

Instead of drawing, take photos of you and your brothers holding a bouquet of flowers (you can make tissue flowers) and stick it inside the card with a short, simple Mother poem like this:


I will love you forever

And forever you will be

The most wonderful mom.

You mean everything to me.

I thought of buying you flowers

In the usual way.

But I knew you would prefer

A forever bouquet!



Another easy card idea is, have your siblings paint their hands and put the hand prints onto a piece of construction paper. Include a lovely message or a heartwarming poem for mom.


If you want cute and unusual Mothers Day e cards that are sure to put a big smile on mom's face, I suggest you go to Smilebox. It is free, Eco-friendly and a really fun way to send pictures, music, and many more.




3. Offer to babysit your younger brothers, and let mom destress with a relaxing bubble bath. You can light an aromatherapy candle, place her favorite book or magazine, a glass of wine or cup of coffee or tea, and some light snacks beside the bathtub. Arrange towels, sponges, soaps, oils and other bath items so that they look attractive and within her reach. Don't forget to dim the lights and put on some soothing music too. Your mom will absolutely love and appreciate this blissful moment.




4. Get your brothers together and entertain mom with a little light-hearted performance. Act out a short funny play that you know will make mom laugh and forget about her daily problems. Playfully re-enact a memorable trip, or a time when Mom did something especially caring or brave.


You can also play an instrument, sing, recite poems, say prayers and scripture, or other things that bless and thank mom for all the things that she has done for you. I'm sure that your mom will feel touched to hear and see her children do something really original for her.




5. As children, you may not have enough money to take mom out for brunch or afternoon tea, but there's no reason why you can't enjoy tea with mom at home. Your backyard garden is a great location for an outdoor Mother's day tea picnic.


Pick flowers from your garden. Bring out the porcelain tea cups, cloth napkins and set up a tea table. You can brew a pot of mom's favorite tea, and make simple food snacks like cucumber sandwiches, egg burritos, trail mix, and salads. Don't forget to throw in a few yummy desserts such as jello pudding cups, or fruit kebabs. The food doesn't have to be fancy, your mom will love everything that's homemade by you. We have a huge collection of super easy recipes for kids to make, and you don't have to buy expensive ingredients to make them.


To make the party really wonderful and memorable, surprise mom with a family member or friend that she hasn’t seen in a long time. Arrange for the person to come to your house. Your mom will be thrilled and very happy to see her special guest.




Whatever you want to do for mom on Mother's day, remember there are a lot of great gifts money cannot buy. Your mom's best Mother's Day gifts are her children and lots of love, hugs and affection.




By Jill Peterson


I'm 14 years old and I want to do something special for mom this Mother's day. My mom and dad split up last year, and she gave up work to stay at home full time with my two younger brothers and I. Mom does everything for us and we want to show her that we love her a lot. Please help us out with a few simple gift ideas for Mother's day that don't cost any money. Any suggestions will do! Thank you. – Sonia, Florida.

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