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By Diane Hanson


Resistant starch? I don't know about you, it sounds really gooey and definitely not delicious to me.... Yucks! No way, I’m not going to put that in my mouth. But goodness gracious me, I was so darn wrong!


Actually resistant starch has been a part of my diet all my life but I was unaware of it. It's found naturally in foods including lentils, split peas, kidney beans, navy beans, brown rice, barley, oats, rye, sesame, wheat, semolina, linseed, corn, cooked cold rice (such as sushi rice), cold pasta, and cold boiled potato. And, it's good for me. Anyway, what's this stuff called resistant starch?


Resistant starch acts like fiber; instead of being quickly digested, resistant starch “resists” being digested, helping to balance blood sugar and keep you feeling full for a longer period. Less hunger equals less cravings and snacking... therefore fewer calories to burn off. Great!


As you already know, your body burns carbs first but when resistant starch is present in your diet, the order is somewhat reversed. Fats is oxidized first into energy before it has a chance to be stored as body fat and hence helps to better manage your weight. In addition, starch helps to relieve constipation and promote regular digestion.


What's more, resistant starch may also help to slash your risk for colon cancer. Research shows that the butyrate created by resistant starch protects colon cells from DNA damage which can lead to colon cancer. It can also create a pH drop inside the colon, which boosts calcium absorption and blocks the absorption of cancer-causing substances.


Interestingly, cooking and cooling foods can boost the resistant starch content. When starch is cooked, it absorbs water and swell, and as it slowly cools, portions of the starch become crystallized into the form which is resistant to digestion. So, it's a good idea to wait a little while before gobbling up that bowl of mac n cheese!


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