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Most Romantic Flowers to Give a Girl



By Louisa Price


Every girl loves flowers but with so many different types of flowers carrying different meanings, choosing flowers can be quite daunting. Let’s take a look at “Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers” to give a girl, other than roses.


What Are the Best Flowers for Girls?

10. Iris

A beautiful flower that signifies faith, hope, confidence, courage and knowledge You can give your girlfriend these colorful romantic flowers and make her cheerful. Iris flowers mostly come in the blue, purple or white colors.



9. Sunflower

The stunning and dazzling sunflower symbolizes love and esteem, and they are also regarded to be the symbol of spiritualism. They look alluring and are sure to brighten up your girl's day and fill it with love and romance.



8. Gardenia

Gardenias are the best sweet-smelling flowers that express love and peace. It is said that when dried Gardenia is scattered around a room, it gives peaceful and tender feel. These pretty white flowers makes a beautiful and lovely day.



7. Lilac

Lilac are most admired and well-liked by everyone. These attractive flowers puts across the question about love, asking the recipient whether she still continues to love. Lilac symbolizes innocence and youthfulness. Pick one today from your florist and you will sure to impress your girlfriend.



6. Carnation

Carnations are signify charm and are ideal flowers to give to a girl who sticks around you. Carnations come in various colors – light red colors signify profound love and affection. Pure white ones symbolize good luck.



5. Orchid

Orchids are fragrant and romantic flowers that signifies love, exquisiteness and seduction. This flower is just perfect for a girl whom you want to convey your innermost feelings. Orchids come in various hues and a cluster of them when placed in a basket together with a personalized message makes a romantic gift.



4. Lily

Lilies signify beauty and the white lily is believed to be a symbol of purity and hope. The lily when given on a candle lit dinner creates a perfect mood for romance.



3. Tulip

Tulips are one of the best known flowers that symbolize perfect love. You can find tulips in various colors such as yellow, red, pink and the like. Pick a few different colors and tie them with a pretty ribbon, for cheerful spring days.



2. Daisy

Daisies are beautiful and romantic flowers that stand for virtuousness, purity and loyalty. Mostly in the white color with a little of yellow in the center, daisies are adored by most girls. When words are inadequate to express your feelings, you can tell them through daisies.



1. Rose

Roses stand for love and romance. Give a bouquet of roses to your girl, as a token of your love. While a red rose signifies love and romance, a combination of red roses and white roses signify unity. Pink roses represent elegance and refinement. The darker shade of the pink rose symbolizes gratitude and admiration. A lighter shade of the pink rose symbolizes respect and understanding. So pick the one best to convey your love.



A bouquet of flowers can mean a lot for a girl. If you want to make a lasting impression on her, try teaming the flowers with a box of exotic chocolates, or a small gift like a charm bracelet. This will definitely make your girlfriend feel exceptionally special and appreciated.


most romantic flowers to give a girl

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