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5 Romantic Surprise Gift Ideas for Girlfriend


Hi Martin,

Giving gifts to a girlfriend need not have to be an expensive affair. In fact, the biggest and most common mistake men often make is spending way too much money and trying too hard to impress. The presents that you give should demonstrate how much you appreciate her, how special and wonderful she is despite her flaws, and also support her activities, personality, goals and sense of self-worth. Remember, smallest things make the biggest impression!

I remember years ago when my husband and I were still dating, he would surprise me with simple frequent gifts. His gifts were nowhere near as expensive as store-bought ones – a small bunch of wildflowers picked from the roadside, all kinds of hand-drawn silly doodles, a gigantic banana milkshake with miniature chocolate chips and a maraschino cherry on top – but these small surprise gifts melt my heart right away and reminded me why we were together in the first place.

I am sharing some of the "best girlfriend gifts" that my hubby gave me during the first year of our courtship. You could use these small surprise gift ideas (to spark your own ideas) and plan a sweet surprise for your girlfriend. These little surprises will put a little more fun and romance to your love life, and bring you closer to the girl you love.


What Are Good Gifts to Get for Your Girlfriend?

1. A really affordable and brilliant way to surprise your girl is a shiny heart-shaped mylar balloon (also called foil balloon) filled with helium.

Attach color matching curling ribbons to the balloons, and place one or two in a big box. You might also want to put other items such as a card with special love message, or some decorative metallic confetti. Then use a clear sticky tape to secure the box shut, and finish with a huge red ribbon.

When your girlfriend opens it, the mylar balloons will gently float up and out of the surprise box, and her heart will surely soar.

You can find a huge variety of Mylar Balloons at Amazon, Target, or at most party stores and they are really inexpensive. Since helium-filled mylar balloons are extremely light, it means that they are incredibly cheap to mail to her office, or to her house.



2. If you have a ceiling fan in the house, then this surprise idea is going to work wonders for you, and make the evening unforgettable. However, it needs a little planning ahead.

First, you need to gather some small and light weight materials such as rose petals, paper hearts or confetti. (confetti is available at party shops or other specialized shops for less than $2 a bag, and I suggest you get those that come with an array of colors).

Next, get on a step stool and sprinkle your materials liberally on the top of the blades while the fan is turned off.

Invite your girlfriend to your home for dinner, put on some romantic music and ask her for a slow dance. The idea is to get your darling to stand underneath the fan. And when you turn on the fan, you "shower" her with all your love and beautiful surprises.

Alternatively, fill her car with scented flower petals and give your woman a beautiful surprise before work. Stick a lovely note onto the steering wheel that reads "I'll say she looks as clear as morning roses newly washed with dew. – William Shakespeare"



3. Scrapbooks are great gifts to celebrate your relationship with that special someone. I encourage you to spend a little time to put together a romantic scrapbook and document those precious moments the two of you share together.

Making a scrapbook for girlfriend is very easy and fun. Dig through your albums for photos as a couple – adventurous travels, lazy afternoons in the park, or happy times spent together – and organize these pictures on your scrapbook pages.

Add little mementos such as ticket stubs to places you have been to, post cards, invitations, or any small items that can be pasted onto paper. You can also do a page for all stuff she likes such as her favorite color, movies, songs, or places. Don't forget to write down short cute notes declaring your undying love, with all the reasons you appreciate her. Communication builds confidence in your relationship.

Then grab some flowers from the supermarket, and you have an inexpensive romantic gift she will gush over!

If you are lacking in the creative department, try the new Snapfish photo memory books.



4. Nothing is better than a simple hand-written love-note to make an ordinary day unforgettable. You want your love message to be unique, special and heart felt. You can let your girlfriend know know how much you cherish her.

Write your love note, spritz a little of your cologne so she would remember your scent when reading it and drop into her lunchbox, handbag, or cosmetic bag. You might want to slip it between the pages of a book she is currently reading, or her umbrella.  Your darling will be pleasantly surprised when she opens her lunch at work, opens cosmetic pouch to touch up on her makeup, or starts reading her novel.



5. You do not have to spend a lot of money on gifts to make a woman happy. When you shop for presents, I suggest you look for small things that will delight your girlfriend. A stuffed animal teddy bear, a heart shaped stone, a small gift certificate to her favorite salon or spa, or a little basket of candies and chocolates works wonders as ideal gifts for a woman in her mid-twenties.

If you want to do something different, maybe an original gift other than those cliche girlfriend gifts, try putting a love letter in a bottle (wine or champagne bottle is great for this purpose). If your sweetie enjoys music, make a personalized music CD with all her favorite songs and record your personal message before each song.

To make gift-giving more fun and unforgettable, hide the present in the house and email a clue to your girlfriend.



By Jill Peterson

I am not what you would call a very romantic guy but I love to do nice things for my girlfriend. We have been together for over a year now and our relationship is going strong even though we only see each other 3-4 times a month. My girlfriend is a fun-loving person, full of zest for life and loves surprises. I want to surprise her with a lovely present that is both unique and unforgettable, but I am flat out of some really good romantic gift ideas for her at the moment. I would appreciate very much if you could help me out with a few affordable surprise gift suggestions for a girl in her mid twenties. I am an average guy (not rich) so overly priced diamonds and expensive dinners are definitely out. Thanks a million! – Martin, Arkansas.

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