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4 Secrets to Make Round Face Slimmer and Smaller


Hi Jack,

You sound like a very caring man to want to make your girlfriend feel good about herself, and she must be lucky to have you.

First off, I think having a full round face is a blessing as it makes a woman look younger than her real age. However, there are women who desire the look of a slimmer, elongated face like Tyra Banks and Courtney Cox Arquette. Some even go to extreme lengths to reshape round face. But, rather than resorting to facial contour cosmetic surgery, the solution could be much simpler, cheaper and not to mention, painless.


How to Take Weight Off Your Full Round Face

1. Face Slimming Massage

Yes, you have heard correct. Facial massage does wonders to a round shape face. Massaging your face regularly not only improves blood circulation, it also helps to tighten and lift the facial muscles, giving the skin a more sculpted appearance. Another benefit of face massage is, it get rids of excess fluid.

How to do face massage at home? You need to start off with a clean face, and if your skin is very dry, add a little aromatherapy essential oil such as almond oil, rosemary oil, neroli oil, or bergamot oil. I personally like bergamot essential oil because it has a very sweet and lovely orange-like fruity fragrance, which is really relaxing. Bergamot oil is also powerful for its antiseptic and antibiotic effect on the skin, and hence great for people with acne problem or eczema.

Alternatively, use a face cream, lotion or moisturizer designed for young skin. There is no need to shell out a fortune on expensive facial massage serum or slimming cream, but it's a good idea to use a moisture enriched face cream containing Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps reduce brown spots, blotches, and dark patches, and keeps skin healthy.


Home Facial Massage Steps

Using the backs of your hands, gently tap the skin around your jawline and below the chin to stimulate skin cells.

With your thumbs, apply small gentle circular movements to the chin area. This will tone, improve circulation and get rid of accumulated toxins in the face.

Make an "oooh"-shaped mouth. Massage either side easing out fine lines.

Lightly press along the top of your cheekbones with fingertips, and massage outward up to the temples.

With your middle fingers, apply pressure to points above the bridge of your nose and just underneath your eyebrows. Hold for 5 seconds and glide across from the inner to the outer corners of brows, moving up to the temples.

Using all 3 fingers (index, middle and ring), gently massage your forehead, moving from the center down to your ears.

Note: Instead of using your hands/fingertips to massage face, you might want to use facial massage rollers. Face rollers or massagers are readily available at most drugstores for a small cost; you can also find a huge variety of face slimming massagers at Amazon. Check out 2 in 1 Cogit Face Up Roller.

I just want to mention that I have also heard of people who followed the face fat loss program and lost those annoying "chipmunk" cheeks fast. But, I cannot comment whether it works or not so you might want to google and find out more.



2. Makeup Techniques

Another way to make round face appear slimmer is, cheat with makeup. Skillfully applied makeup can give definition to your girlfriend's round face and visibly take off a few inches.

The secret to less chubby cheeks and thinner face lies with using different shades of blush color. For example, if your girlfriend belongs to the warm and rosy skin tone category, pick 3 tones of blush color from this group.

Apply the darkest shade right below the cheekbone. Be careful not to go further than the corner of the eyes instead proceed until the hairline. Then blend into natural skin color with fingers.

Next, cover with the medium tone of blusher, making sure to completely blend into one single shade. Proceed along the earlier section until area is properly covered so as to add definition to the cheeks.

Finally emphasize the cheekbones by applying the lightest blush shade over. This will create the illusion of thinner face.



3. Right Hairstyle

Wearing the right hairstyle helps to create the illusion of a longer and narrower face. Girls with round shape faces should wear hairstyles that are longer than chin length with fullness and height at the crown. Chin length hair, particularly curly hairstyles, makes a round face look rounder because fullness at side of cheeks and ears adds width and draw attention to her already round face shape.

Try an off-centered part with a medium length style to help minimize a rounded look. A center part is unflattering as it accentuates fullness.



4. A Healthy Diet

When combined with facial exercise, a healthy diet will take weight off your face. You want to avoid processed and junk foods, and limit alcohol consumption. Foods such as snacks or canned foods usually contain lots of salt, which cause you to retain water and this will sometimes show up as facial bloating (facial swelling, puffy cheeks).

For that reason, your girlfriend should drink plenty of water to flush out excess sodium, and stay away from unhealthy foods like pizzas, processed meats, smoked fish, chips, and baked goods.

Instead, she should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and veggies are nutrient powerhouses that will also keep skin firm and looking radiant.




By Tiffany Moore

My girlfriend is 21 years old and she looks simply stunning as far as I'm concerned. However, she's unhappy with the way she looks. She hates her round face and chubby cheeks. I told her genetics play a big part in determining the face of her face as the rest of her body is rather skinny. I heard that massaging helps slim down a wide chubby face. Is facial massage the best way to go? What else can my girlfriend do to make her face look thinner and smaller? – Jack, Orlando.

make round face slimmer and smaller

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