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4 Simple Tips to Make Baby Fine Thin Hair Look Thicker


Hi Julianne,

Having silky smooth, voluminous hair is the dream of any woman, but not many of us are born with naturally thick hair. While you cannot do anything to change your hair structure, you can certainly make thin baby fine hair look thicker.

When viewed under high power microscope, a strand of human hair shaft looks like fish scales. If your hair is untreated or unprocessed by chemicals (virgin hair), the cuticle scales will look smooth, all facing in one direction. Highly bleached, colored and permanently waved hair will cause the cuticle scales to open fully to allow chemicals to enter the hair. That's the reason why fine hair appear to have more volume when it's colored.

Similarly, when you blow dry your hair, the combination of the heat and air can make a strand of hair expand thrice its size by opening up the cuticle.


What to Do with Baby Fine Hair

1. When it comes to fine hair, some shampoos work better than others. You want to use a good gentle shampoo that has ingredients designed to pump up thin hair without stripping your hair's natural oil. Panthenol, a bodybuilding ingredient often found shampoos for fine thin hair, is known to add body to hair by penetrating the hair cuticle and thickening each strand.

I suggest you pick a voluminzer shampoo that's mostly clear (transparent type), with only a tint of color, rather than a cream shampoo so that it won't weigh your hair down. Try Bain Volumactive Shampoo by Kerastase.


2. After your shampooing your hair, you want to apply a light conditioner that will moisturize and soften hair while adding body to baby fine hair. Work the conditioner into your hair with your fingertips, particularly the ends and rinse off immediately. For dry hair type, leave the conditioner on a bit longer. Try Pureology Pure Volume Conditioner.


3. To add natural volume and bounce to fine hair, you can use a root lifter (or a small amount of volumizing mousse) after toweling dry your hair and then blow dry from the roots up, at an angle. Always use  instead of a brush to style your hair, and select a low speed setting. As you blow dry your hair, twist the ends around your fingers for that extra boost.

I personally love Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. This awesome styling spray builds volume and adds texture to fine hair, and can be used on all hair types. It's really simple to use – flip your head over and spritz small amounts onto damp or dry hair, close to the roots. Then flip back and scrunch with your hands for that messy, tousled look.

If you're unwilling to part with $22-$27 for a 4 oz bottle of hair styling spray, here's the cheaper alternative – make your own surf spray!

For this recipe, you'll need these ingredients: 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt, 2 generous squirts of hair gel, and 4 oz of water. Put everything into a spray bottle and shake vigorously until the Epsom salt has completely dissolved.

I also suggest using a clarifying shampoo at least once per week because salt can build up in your hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. A clarifying shampoo will clean away the residue left from styling products while keeping a healthy shine. Be ware that using too many hair styling products can weigh down your tresses.


4. If you're feeling brave enough, I say cut your long hair short. Short hair (chin length or shorter) is the perfect option for hair that is very thin. It draws attention away from your baby fine hair to your face.

A blunt bob hairstyle with bangs will make baby fine hair look thicker and fuller. Ask your stylist for a blunt line, a shaggy one works beautifully on thin hair. You can pin side swept bangs with an attractive decorative barrette or bobby pins to create a pin-up girl inspired hair style. Alternatively, tuck the bangs behind your ear, or slip a headband on your head. This will add volume and body to limp hair, making it appear thicker.

If you prefer to have long or medium length hair, then hairstyles that allows you to pull you hair out of your face work best for fine hair. Braids, ponytails, French twists, even a simple half up hairdo will all give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair right away.



By Tiffany Moore

I have fairly thin baby fine hair that goes limp within a few hours no matter what styling products I put in it. I've tried using a curling iron to create waves and add volume, but the curls always fall out quickly. What can I do with long baby fine hair? Any tricks to make thin hair look thicker and fuller? Thanks. – Julianne, Seattle.

how to make baby fine hair look thicker

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